“Darkness” Haiku #10

“Darkness” Haiku #10
By Jennifer Kiley
trans-graphics by j. kiley
December Month of the Haiku 31 days 31 haiku #10

Fear of the Dark – Iron Maiden

4 thoughts on ““Darkness” Haiku #10

    • “Who doesn’t have a dark place somewhere inside him that comes out sometimes when he’s looking in a mirror? Dark and light, we are all made out of shadows like the shapes on a motion-picture screen. A lot of people think that the function of the projector is to throw light on the screen, just as the function of the story-teller is to stop fooling around and simply tell what happened, but the dark places must be there too, because without the dark places there would be no image and the figure on the screen would not exist.” ~ MacDonald Harris, Mortal Leap ~


    • Even at my age I cannot sleep in the dark. There needs to be light on at all times. If no nightlight in my bedroom I shine my partner’s study light into the room ever night and put the tv on sleep timer so the light from the tv shines in the room. Total blackness where if you put your hand in front of your face and you cannot see it. That is too dark. Deep inside of me, does my subconscious or unconscious register that something will come out of the dark if there is no light to keep it at bay. If outside, then I would feel quite strongly that something that can come out of the dark. Inside, you would think I would feel safe but I don’t necessarily believe I am safe. Those things in the dark outside could slip inside moving through the darkness in the house if you leave the light turned off. I think deep inside I feel that the dark is dangerous in some way. When a child the dark was dangerous. There were things that hid in the dark. There really was danger. I walked home through the woods when I worked at the college near where we lived. It scared me every time I would have to do that. What was there, I had no idea but I always felt like I survived something dangerous when I made it to the other side of the darkness of the woods. So, I do believe there is something in the dark that might come out at anytime if you leave the darkness unlit. You are some how not safe if you do. I scare and startle quite easily. Are you afraid of the dark? I would have to say yes, I definitely am. Noises outside, late at night, scare me to death. The sounds come from the dark.


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