Bloggers Are Writers/Artists–More Awards

Bloggers are Writers/Artists–More Awards
On Nov. 13th (Nominated by Ahmrita-Natural Mental Health) The Very Inspiring Blogger Award and One Lovely Blogger Award
On Dec. 7th (Nominated by Ivon Prefontaine)The Very Inspiring Blogger Award and The Sunshine Blog Award.

I have been remiss in sending out my nominations to those I have chosen, so, I am going to combine these three awards to be given to the 15 bloggers that I have chosen and are listed below. Thank you Ahmrita and Ivon for these nominations.

Bloggers are writers/Artists. A good thing to say. We are artists and poets and in all sorts of ways. We bring a new view to our blog when we can. Some of us daily and some when time allows us when other things don’t make their demands. The first award that is being presented is “The Very Inspiring Blogger Award.” There are so many inspiring bloggers out there. Choosing the number I have will take some reflection but don’t be disappointed if the choice turns out not to be you.

The decision to start a blog was out of a need to express my feelings and thoughts in a space where I felt I could be honest and open. The Secret Keeper was not my first blog but the first blog inspired this one. I was more intellectual and removed from my feelings there. I needed a place to open up. A place where I eventually realized I could learn to express myself in a creative way that spoke to myself and eventually to others. I didn’t feel I needed to hold back on what I wrote about and any subject was open to expression. It led me to write about anything. It also led me to reconnect in a strong way to the creative center of myself. I let the rawness and depth of myself be revealed as I am able to.

I found that I received a great deal of encouragement from many people and I appreciate them and I also visit with other bloggers and learn a great deal from them and have made friends. One particular person who gave me support when I felt I could return to “the secret keeper” and resume even more openly and honestly, was someone who has challenged my perception and encouraged me in everyway possible to keep growing and exploring. I wish to thank her for her faithful following of what I write and for her continuing commentary of my blogs. She has her own blog, she’s a writer, a musician, a poet and so many more things and has an extremely busy schedule but she takes time out to find out what I am up to on the secret keeper. I will thank her anonymously, for she knows who she is and I would like to respect her privacy. I will thank her privately myself.

There is also a faithful follower who doesn’t miss a post who is someone I would also like to thank. She is a writer herself and has a book series which is quite imaginative. It is always a delight to see her avatar on my posts. She knows who she is and knows I care and follow her regularly myself.


It is very important to encourage other bloggers for what they contribute. There is such amazing artistry out there that I try to find and spend time viewing and reading their work. I always try to make comments when I am able. I enjoy that the most. Checking off like is important. It lets your fellow blogger know that you are there and appreciating what they are doing. Their time is well spent.

So I will follow the rules to these awards and send out to as many as I am able. If you are not included, it doesn’t mean I think any less of your efforts to bringing forth your artistic creations. I learn so much everyday doing my blog and then following others. J.K.

Ahmrita surprised me by nominating me for a blogger award. Her blog site, Ahmrita Natural Mental Health, nominated me for two different awards. Ahmrita is a very good blogger and I feel she is very generous, I praise her for the writing she does on her blog to spread the word of natural mental health. Mental Health is an extremely important issue for me. I am really excited that she nominated me. Thank You Very Kindly, Ahmrita!

And Ivon, I have recently made contact with. His writing and poetry is an inspiration to me. Always insightful and moving. It is a great new connection I found through a great friend. I hope to enjoy your posts for a long time to come. Thank You Very Much for thinking of me, Ivon!

Now to the rules….
1.Display the award logo on your blog,
2.Link back to the person who nominated you,
3.State seven things about yourself,
4.Nominate fifteen other bloggers for this award and link to them,
5.Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

Now what are the seven (my lucky number) things about myself I wish to share?

Here they are – order of appearance does not reflect importance

1. I have found a new way to express my inner artist which takes me to the zone. I love art in all it’s form: writing, music, painting, photography, sculpting, technological ways of creating art, film-making and enjoying the making of and enjoying of others artistic creations.
2. I get an extreme amount of pleasure going through my wordpress reader and find the gems that bloggers I follow are creating.
3. I love all our animals. One shouldn’t have preferences but I love my parrot Saki and our kitten Carter. Carter brings out the love and “ah!” moments and Saki is the most loyal and I love to snuggle with her. It’s mutual.
4. I am eccentric and a recluse who is addicted to techno gadgets and Skype.
5. My laptop is one of my favorite things. Let’s look directly at it, I am addicted to anything or anyone I am into. I am an extremely intense person.
6. I am a worshipper of the Roku. Favorite channel is Pandora. Create my own music stations.
7. I have an early present for the holidays of an Android Tablet. My newest addiction. Write my first drafts of poems on it for wordpress blog in bed. Main reason for the gift-so I could go to bed earlier than usual. Otherwise, I am an all night writer.

The following are my nominations. This is the most difficult part. I follow some truly amazing and inspirational blogs. They all have their fascinations for me. So, not in any particular order of preference, I submit the following blogs. Remember the order does not reflect importance. I will say that each of these following 15 bloggers I have learned and gained insight in many different fields. More than anything they are all truly an inspiration to me. J.K


john coyote

vampire maman

the boy with a hat

just a thought

canadian hiking photography

on the plum tree

mackenzie’s dragons nest


soul reader


uncle trees house

moments with millie

my pen and me

bipolar muse

I hope you enjoy the Awards. And do what you can and when you can with the nominations and rules. It is up to you if you want to participate further than receiving your award. Just remember you are Very Inspiring Bloggers and you each have One Lovely Blog and you bring Sunshine into the world through your blogs. J.K. the secret keeper (jennifer kiley)

18 thoughts on “Bloggers Are Writers/Artists–More Awards

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    • I love your blog so much. It has helped me in so many ways. Your poetry is exceptional and your insightful prose writings on psychological issues is thought provoking and enlightening. You also draw attention to issues that are relevant today throughout the world. You are a great writer and artist in so many ways. You also give your support to so many people, including myself which has been extremely helpful and encouraging to myself and I believe to all the others that your life has touched. a.l. J.K. 🙂


  2. How nice of you to mention me, Jennifer. 🙂 Thank you!
    And do, please, pardon me for passing over the award. Okay?
    My principles are strange, but your kind gesture is much appreciated.

    Luvz & Hugz! Keith

    P.S. I certainly enjoyed our plays∞on∞words
    A Happenstance Karmic Game ¿ Peculiar To The Ages
    You have earned my respect with your well-displayed courage.


    • I felt your blog was deserving of the awards. It’s okay to pass. Just know I think highly of you and your creative abilities. Enjoying the play**on**words brought on quite the excitement. A serendipitous moment of true spontaneity. Thank you for your encouragement and your kind words above. I did some deep inhalations and bravely stepped forward. I hope it was as good for you as it was for me. 😎 L & H xxx j.k


  3. Thank you so much for noticing and following my odd little blog. I’m touched and honored by the nominations and pleased to be in such fine company. By looking at your list here I made some nice new discoveries! xoxox
    ~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman aka Marla Todd


    • I enjoy your blog so much. It is original and unique. Niamh Clune led me to your blog and I have been hooked ever since. I love the way you weave a tale and your imagination. You are in their company b/c you belong in their company. It has been truly enjoyable to get to know your work. Some very good people on the list I put together. All quite inspiring. So, I would say you are all in good company. xoxox j.k.


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