Power of Introverts-Ep. 1

Power of Introverts Ep. 1
(A New Series-Ted Blog Carries)

Introverts, (gently) rejoice! We found a web series just for you (us).

Power of Introverts-Ep. 1

You may remember Susan Cain’s revolutionary talk from TED2012, on the quiet, unseen power of introverts. Careful to acknowledge that many of us hold both extroverted and introverted traits, she points out that many of our most publically treasured figures have introverted tendencies — yet we still “favor the man of action over the man of contemplation.” Cain’s book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, delves further into why this discrimination occurs.

We stumbled upon this brand new web series based on Quiet, created and narrated by Daniel Widfeldt Lomas and animated by Petri Ltajif. In this delightfully illustrated first episode, Lomas lays out the adjectives associated with introversion: lazy, slow and boring. But to think of introverts in a disparaging way doesn’t give credit to the many gifts they may hold: their ability to work deliberately, their strong concentration and their love of contemplation. Echoing Cain’s work, Lomas shares the many complex personalities that our introvert-or-extrovert model fails to encompass.

One thought on “Power of Introverts-Ep. 1

  1. “S/He was always seeking for a meaning in life, and here it seemed to her/him that a meaning was offered; but it was obscure and vague . . . S/He saw what looked like the truth as by flashes of lightening on a dark, stormy night you might see a mountain range. S/He seemed to see that a wo/man need not leave her/his life to chance, but that her/his will was powerful; s/he seemed to see that self-control might be as passionate and as active as the surrender to passion; s/he seemed to see that the inward life might be as manifold, as varied, as rich with experience, as the life of one who conquered realms and explored unknown lands.” ~ W. Somerset Maugham, Of Human Bondage ~


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