Dragons Under the Chanukah Bush…

“…And then there are Dragons.

Magnificent, preternatural, take-your-breath-away Dragons.

Soaring on the four winds, surfing the seven seas, Drag­ons have never indulged in anonymity. Tossing all notions of “local” onto the dung heap, they went global in a big way. They carved out niches in every ecosystem: burning deserts and glacial peaks, verdant tropics and scrub-grassed plains. They lashed the clouds with Dragonfire and bent low the trees with Dragonsong.” Happy Holidays. Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, Happy Festivus, Happy for All Reasons to Celebrate. Check out MacKenzie’s Dragonsnest-There Be Dragons There. j.k. the secret keeper

MacKENZIE's Dragon's Nest

The Feast of Lights is fast approaching. Time to burnish the menorah, limber up your dreidel-spinning fingers, and teach the kittens about candle safety.

If you’re seeking something for that special Dragon lover in your life to plant beneath the Chanukah bush – and who doesn’t need a little something dragonish for the holidays – check out The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook  and Dragons for Beginners.

Here’s a taste from Dragons for Beginners:

Three hundred thousand years ago, when Homo sapi­ens walked out of Africa, Dragons were everywhere. Around every river bend, on every mountain top, they basked at ease, the reigning predators in a wild and woolly world. Our ancient ancestors cast their eyes to the heavens and were wowed by the sheer otherworldly grandeur wing­ing across the horizon. To primitive minds Dragons were nothing short of divine. They were the roar of sea and the blinding…

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