Juliet Died First #29

Juliet Died First
By Jennifer Kiley
Trans-Graphics by j. kiley
November Month of the Verse 30 days 30 verses #29 (1 poems left )
December Month of Haiku 31 days 31 haiku-started the eve of Nov.30th

la chute d’eau est augmentée de nouveaux bourgeons premiers by j. kiley

Juliet Died First
By Jennifer Kiley
11.28.12 #29

Juliet died first
Followed by her Romeo
But low, what light through yonder window breaks
It is the East and Juliet is the sun
Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon,
Who is already sick and pale with grief
That thou, her maid, art far more fair than she

this is fate responding
to its betrayal
two strangers are drawn together
after meeting
while masked in disguise
touching hands
as though touching all
is a heartfelt fantasy
held in a loving imagination
not impossible to do
does one join so quickly in bonding?
in such a rapid
strong and powerful way?

their fate was sealed
when they felt they could create
their own destiny
everything that was planned
followed through
in the most clumsiest of manners
a messenger with a note
that meant death to the receiver
and his beloved
if it was not served in time
can anyone depend on time
to travel at the pace
one needs it to succeed
in a great but foolish plan indeed
one’s life depends on it
but time is not there to help
but in all cases
to hinder every moment
that is dear

if only it had been spoken
a longer soliloquy
or the poison
was not given at all
but replaced smartly by another
not quite so deadly
to save the ending
and no dagger to use
just in case
but what a foolish blunder
the priest set in motion
by giving wrong counsel
instead finding a wise answer
to their dilemma
not setting in motion
their destiny
there was no survival
once this plan was set in motion
love will have its way
it is stronger than life itself
the sacrifice will be made
when separated by the fates
a powerful force to put off course
it was not to be
with Juliet and her Romeo

young love seems
it must be now
or all is destroyed
beyond control
it is beyond control
even at an age
far passed youth
but the answer is not suicide
thinking life is over
at the loss of a passionate lover
feels so powerful
your screams sound
throughout the universe
calling out for her soul
your voice will carry far
breaking into the spirit world
the message passed along

her spirit will return
to where you are
guiding you
through your pain
never to abandon you again
it was a temporary leave
finding what she could do
if you only knew
you were as blind as Romeo
he didn’t trust Juliet
to be there for him either
he left her first
what was she to do
she had to take her life
she couldn’t live without it
Romeo had taken her heart
when he killed himself
in that moment he killed her too

love should not be
so all consuming
there are other ways
to resolve the issues
taking control
trust yourself
keep your love alive
find a better way
than wanting to die
doing it
is no answer
seek out
a different
it can be

© Jennifer Kiley 2012

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