Do You Know What Love Is? #28

Do You Know What Love Is?
by Jennifer Kiley
November Mouth of the Verse 30 days 30 verses #28
December will be Month of the Haiku 31 days 31 haiku
with a variety of surprises-one can get whimsical

ascendant au ciel que l’âme volera by j. kiley

Do You Know What Love Is?
by Jennifer Kiley
11.27.12 #28

do you know what love is?
it’s the repetition
of a piece of music
never tiring of the feelings
elicited through the variations
plays through the layers
that lift you to the highest
altitudes and lowest depths
the composer laid out
for your anticipation
satisfaction releases
excitement’s conclusion

do you know what love is?
a rose bud waiting
the sun for warmth
the sky for food to rain
the onlooker for time
the photographer
for the rose to bloom
the colours blended hue
the perfect moment
click! click! click!
amazing photographs
created with
ultimate alignments
a photo is chosen
for her presentation
to the romantic lover
of nature’s pure
photographic stature

do you know what love is?
being haunted by memories
loving so much one
who is lost
they live in every beat
of your heart
they were taken
suddenly and young
life’s path stretched out
prepared to live
excitement for college studies
psychology and therapists together
writer and poet
all lost that night
wasted words
in the wind
echoing her voice
with resounding hope
she follows me
guiding and protecting
letting go
impossible for either side
love holds us together
throughout it all
a sound on the piano
says it all
her voice carries
in the music
communicating with me
in her own way
love is anything
that brings feelings
of joy and pain
tears and laughter
playing in the soft falling rain
every rain drop
her hand touching
hear the voices
feel their touch
a chill in a moving scene in a film
brings you together
open up feel the whisper

do you know what love is??
getting a message from a friend
reaching out with their love
sensing they are near
and suddenly you receive
an essence of their presence
flooding your senses
overcoming your sadness
creating an inner smile
that’s held in private
valuing it’s embrace
feelings it’s erased
the words filled
with meaning that overwhelm
washing away
momentarily missing them
beneath the surface
emotions are brewing
release them now
or explosions will come
holding onto emotions
can blow you to the dark
look for the light
it will come
call it to you
think of her
feel her in your heart
a good start

do you know what love is?
an experience everyone should feel
as deeply inside
let it go
it will come back
if you open your heart
bravely wide
so much love
will share its self
with you
the world will be blessed
imagine love
it’s all up to you
to spread it all around
to everyone
in every town
all over
the world

© Jennifer Kiley 2012

Ashkenazy – Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor
Op. 18 PART 2-II. Adagio Sostenuto

7 thoughts on “Do You Know What Love Is? #28

    • Thank You. Your opinion means a great deal to me. I am learning so much from You. Love is a most difficult and highly dimensional concept to write about. Each time I approach love I discover more and more layers.
      I want to thank You for writing about Piku poetry and 7S. I am going to challenge myself to learn more deeply how to create these poems. Be gentle with your critique when I am brave enough to exhitbit any of them. xxx j,k.


  1. Lovely poem Jennifer. And so true, that love is in the heart of the writer who labours over her task, or the dancer who practices until her toes bleed, or the singer who rehearses the same piece over again, It bring joy and inspiration into the world. It helps us overcome against all the odds. Many thanks for these lovely words.


    • It is in the heart of the dancer, the poet, the painter, the writer, the artist, the person with sensitivity of feeling and thinking into the depths of their being that learn to know love. A child knows love if they are nurtured and encouraged to express themselves creatively and to let their imagination be free. Daydreaming of what not just what is. To go beyond the boundaries of thought and feelings to experience the joy of opening their minds and hearts to the unknown and to try to understand and re ach out beyond themselves. That is what artists do, the reach beyond the further star to try and see what is possible from the impossible, which I don’t believe really exists. It as the reaching beyond the limitations that those who want to shut down the open minded from growing beyond the unimaginable and make it so. It cannot be stopped.W e cannot be stopped from opening our eyes and minds and hearts and souls from seeing the and spreading that truth as far as it is able to reach and beyond that through others helping to spread the truth. Artists are a necessity. They will not do to us what they did in the book “Fahranheit 451″… I remebered the # correctly. Artists will always exists and more will be born and more are developing as we look forward to the future. WE ARE OUT HERE and NOT GOING AWAY!!! a.l.J..K.


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