Black Friday, Cyber Monday: One Writer’s Dilemma in a Commercial Age

Lovely art topping the page, and it seems my blog page too. I know that Shawn MacKenzie created this art herself. The story you concoct is a hypothetical conclusion to a possibility. My philosophy prefers to chose the magical story that I learned as a child during all the many Christmas pageants I participated in when schools were allowed to celebrate Christmas in this fashion. I’m not so sure anymore if this pleasure has been taken away in favor of so mish mash of a generic celebration of the season of a plethora of holiday celebrations. I am not saying that everyone should not have a voice, I am just saying it wasn’t a religious thing for me when I was a kid, it was just fun. I think children are left out with all the fighting over separation of church and state. Christmas Trees are fun and once were pagan. Christmas caroling was fun and I think some people did enjoy them. They had a certain beauty to them. The story at Mackenzie’s dragons nest is a good story to tell. Is it a true interpretation of what might possibly have been the case. Sure, it could have been. Is the myth of the manger have a basis in fact, that too could be possible. I enjoy the myth of the manger. Whether I can logically accept a virgin birth, that is another matter. I like to believe in miracles and magic and mystical occurrences. There is plenty of room for all to believe in their own miracles or not. No one should emphatically dismiss anyone’s evaluation of their beliefs or lack there of. This is a great post and a well thought out theory. Accept it if you will or just enjoy and continue to trust in your own beliefs. Read with an open mind and allow yourself to be entertained. All things are possible. Believing in Christmas and celebrating Hanukah is part of my tradition. At our house we also celebrate the Hogfather bringing the toys for the children as well as Santa Claus. Peter Pan and Neverland exists and so do dragons. Chose what you will to believe in. I think and feel it is necessary to believe in something and to live a life filled with meaning. It makes my life fuller. So for those who believe, Happy Holidays for whatever you celebrate and for those who don’t, let others believe what they do and go about your life in your own way. Well done Shawn MacKenzie. Enjoyed the post. Hope others will take them time to visit your page and read it for themselves. It is well worth your time. Don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful art Shawn MacKenzie created that tops the page of her post. J.k. the secret keeper ps. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT!!! 🙂

MacKENZIE's Dragon's Nest

The day after Thanksgiving Yule trees were stacked against the local supermarkets, hardware and feed stores, early casualties in the annual collision between high commerce and high holidays. Black Friday, a day when, at least here in the States, madness sets in on the side of commerce. Mild-mannered, feast-sluggish human beings turn into fearless berserkers all for the sake of deals on stuff, briefly appreciated yet then long-added to the general clutter of their lives. And then there is Cyber Monday, for those who prefer their shopping on-line instead of in-line (a safer prospect, if reports from last week are valid). Now it seems that some retailers were so thrilled by the cash flowing into their coffers that they are extending the lunacy into today. (A sign of an improving economy people say, and I do hope they’re right.)

But what would the Kings of Holly and Oak think of…

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2 thoughts on “Black Friday, Cyber Monday: One Writer’s Dilemma in a Commercial Age

    • What You wrote was a great interpretation of a mythical event that a great many think is true. Your perspective has lesser or greater merit than the believers of Christ’s birth in a manger. It is something I grew up on. Christmas is fun , whether a child or someone who believes in Neverland. Myths are based on something that carries some sort of truth or based on an original origin in our archetypes. As John Lennon always said: “Who’s to know if here is real or dreams are real. Dragons and creatures of our imaginatins.” I have taken great libeberties with his quote. Not exactly accurate but is in my search files in many reblogs of You posts. Write what You find thought provoking. No one will agree with everything any one would say or write. Love your houtzba(sp?-u no I didn’t spell that correctly but You get the point). Go for it whenever the muse moves You. 😎


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