Drugs Make Things Expand #23

Drugs Make Things Expand
By Jennifer Kiley
Trans-Graphics by j. kiley
November Month of the Verse 30 days 30 verses. #23

fleurs passionnees by j. kiley

Drugs Make Things Expand
By Jennifer Kiley
11.23.12. #23

Drugs make things expand
Your mind is one
of the multiple things that open
Let me clarify that we are speaking
of the delightful kind
A particular useful mind altering
chemical concoction
Both naturally grown from the ground
and artificially handcrafted
In my youth, a teenager just
becoming a rebellious type
contrariness my calling
As Alice ventured forth while dreaming
they supposed into Wonderland she falls
A rather good excuse to offer up
as to where you were and what you did
Well, I managed while walking on the greens
I happened upon a hole
Oops, I just faltered forward
and damned if I didn’t just fall in,
and down I dropped

It was an endless amount of time.
Dirt all but surrounded me.
A most outrageous place this was.
There were a majesty of sights
I hadn’t much time to take them in.
I kept right on descending at the oddest speed,
I must say.
It was somewhere between tea time
Rapid falling,
floating slowly
passed the oddest
array of objects,
what they were
it’s not for me to say

It took some time to hit the bottom
but once I did it felt as though
i’d been there all the time
Now how could that be so
when I was sure i’d never been
to this place before,
a place with just a table

I do recall from earlier
in the evening
I swallowed a peculiar substance
a kind stranger had to offer
After some delay
I felt a bit light in the head,
my body began to falter
But that didn’t seem too strange to me
for after a few pitchers of ale
my body always felt a bit altered

Well, my new friend and I
headed out of the pub together,
the next thing I know
I’m at the bottom of my hole
Absent a friend
and in a polemically minded predicament
had I fallen into Hell
or was I having hallucinations

imaginer soubeau de lennon by j. kiley

Colours were streaming all about
this grounded space
and flowers were blooming
from out of the dirt wall
Trees were growing up
through the crumbling floor.
The sounds mellowed out
as birds appeared bursting out
in melodious song

My mind was blowing
as my tears were flowing
filling the floor with scent
and liquid of coconut juice.
The senses inside me
were reaching a point
of insane feelings
of an overwhelming need
to dance the Irish jig

There was need for dancers
and pipers to play
a faeirie tune
and sure enough five faerie pipers
appeared in that growingly
small room

All was merry
as the birds sang out their faerie tune
to what the pipers played.
All of nature was in frenzied states
Then silence fell down upon me.

When I opened my eyes,
a kitten was licking me
gently on the face,
as i looked around,
I was home.

I was amazed at the miracle,
was it real,
what I felt inside my mind,
was I down that rabbit hole
of wildest celebration
If it was,
how was it?
If I am home,
how could it have occurred?
How, if,
and when,
and why?

the secret keeper j.k.

jouer le role principal l’eclatement by j. kiley

white rabbit-Jefferson airplane and grace slick

lord of the dance-michael flatley

imagine-john lennon