Echoes of a Voice #12

Echoes of a Voice
By Jennifer Kiley
November Month of the Verse 30 days 30 verse #12

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Echoes of a Voice
By Jennifer Kiley
11.11.12 #12

echoes of a voice
oh to hear that voice near
spoken from her lips
i almost can hear
the way that she spoke
with such honesty so soft
always directly
her words spoke in truth

when i first asked her
if you could love me
she was firm and said
she loved me
but there was an exception
not in the way
that i loved her now
but tomorrow could change
things can happen somehow

other words that she spoke
were i trust you only you
completely without hesitation
everyone else they were all through
all they wanted were pieces of her
she just want to spend time with me
you love me and ask nothing
from me in return
you guide me
you listen
you help me
make sense of my life
but all you want in return
is to protect me with your life

you give me gifts
i drive your sports car
what pleasure that gives
you just love me
and care for me
i wish i had more to give

she couldn’t know that loving her
taking care of her was more than anything
that i could expect from an angel
i was sent to her to protect

there was evil all around her
in curious disguise
pretended romance
through their
black as coal eyes
they were rough
and quite scary
filled with violence inside

one night she called me
needed time to see me
her request it was urgent
though late in the night
i drove to a strange place
which was quite out of sight

the first thing she told
as we talked until dawn
was of a recurring dream
like a nightmare from hell
where evil enters in
each night it’s the same
the vision it appears
over and over again
the evil it kills her
no mercy is shown
its murder she sees
each night until dawn

it is hard for me to say
that the nightmares came true
just as she dreamed
it would happen they do
i dreamed the same dream
a nightmare too true
saw the same images
as horrible to view
it was evil inside
it was murder in fact
and i knew who it was
there target was me

the evil came for me
tried to scare me to death
i thought i was her angel
it turned out that was wrong
i tried to protect her
she turned out to be strong

my love just grew deeper
the pain was so strong
i screamed out my anguish
i lost all control
her death was so sudden
even with all the signs
who wanted to believe them
when your love was so blind
i thought i could save her
but it was her in the end
it was she who saved me
i survived now she’s dead

she’s around every corner
i know she’s with me
still watching over
feeling her inspire me
my muse she could be
it’s someone familiar
she always believed
in the writer in me

we had so many plans
of things we would do
together someday
somehow and someway
i believed she would love me
feel the same way inside
the way i loved her
maybe if we had more time

or i would feel her love
the way it was to be
and it was a truer love
than anyone could ever see

echoes of a voice
the sound touches me
it sounds so much like her
am i hearing hearing right can it be
i believe she’s still with me
protecting our love
a love that’s a safe love
unconditional from above

the kind that i always
have felt deeply inside
she never really left me
she stays close by my side
am i haunted or dreaming
or just blessed with a gift
her love it stays with me
as in her life now in death

© Jennifer Kiley

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

maksim-somewhere in time

3 thoughts on “Echoes of a Voice #12

  1. “The (wo)man of my dreams is almost faded now. The one I have created in my mind. The sort of (wo)man each woman dreams of in her most secret and deepest part of her heart. I could almost see her/him now before me. What would I say to her/him if s/he were really here? Forgive me, I’ve never known this feeling. I’ve lived without it all my life. Is it any wonder that I fail to recognize it? You brought it to me for the first time. Is there any way I can tell you how my life has changed? Anyway at all, to let you know what sweetness you have given me? There’s so much to say– and I can’t find the words– except for these… I love you. That is what I would say to her/him if s/he were really here. ” ~ Richard Matheson ~ from “Somewhere In Time” the book and film…


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