In the Dark #1

This is the beginning of an all Month Challenge-Month of the Verse-30 Days-30 Verses-“In the Dark” is Number One. MONTH OF THE VERSE has begun. J.K. the secret keeper ps. The Spirits can celebrate with the Saints this year of 2012.

In the dark
by Jennifer Kiley
the secret keeper
November Month of the Verse 30 days 30 verses #1

dark bubbling water

In the dark
By Jennifer Kiley

in the dark
used to light
light at night
never out
dark has power
light has shades
quite shy but bright
still strong
it holds power
that lurks
outside light
in the darkness
in the light
in the light
of the night
behind space
light untouched
rare shadows are found
at night that light
has missed
darkness hides
in the mist
always there’s light
no matter how faint
but don’t forget now
it’s the night before saints
it’s all hallows eve
where magic does live
so without notice
no readiness planned
while you’re alone
and the tv drones on
the ultimate blackness
that touch on your face
no hand is seen
no sight to see
all senses fail
confusion’s free
no one’s ready
for what’s to be
our lives in darkness
blackness free
all light has gone
no way of knowing
too soon to die
what if power and the sun
have vanished from sight
blackness is born
a devils’ delight
what strength has been won
a world once so bright
the light it is gone
forces take flight
will there be a way
for the world to return
where sanity was
or from evil we learn
discover the depth
of good inside evil
dark or light
takes your breath
can it be
this would happen
an acceptance by all
or will death take our lives
and darkness will fall
will life slip away
to exist nevermore
will the blackest of darkness
ending light there’s no cure

© Jennifer Kiley 2012

fear of the dark-iron maiden

5 thoughts on “In the Dark #1

    • We are going to have to work together to try to find a way to get your muse to channel her energy through you again. Unblock what is in the way. You definitely have the energy. It might just need a way to channel it, direct it and focus it. You have all the right ingredients. Let’s try to talk maybe some time this weekend. Let me know. I just want to thank you for what you wrote. That gives me some major confidence in myself. You do know you help me in many ways my friend. Let me help you too. Love, Jen ps. I can’t see very well. My right eye looks like someone punched me since I had the surgery. It hurts and I need to keep it closed most of the time for now. Let me know when you’d like to Skype. Ok?


  1. Thank you for your generous words. I was trying to take the mind to that total blackness that I personally find to be quite disturbing. What if that suddenly was all there was left. I am honoured that you felt I was able to do what you said. It was my intention. I thank you for saying I succeeded in your eyes. I trust your words. They instill a confidence in me that I am learning. Thank you once again. J.K.


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