What Makes A Bully?

It is hard to try to understand someone who does such harm to other people, especially if they are children that often end up feeling so bad from the bullying that they end up committing suicide. Yet, in this post you get a feeling for the bully that most of us would not have even thought of as the possible cause and/or reason that they are doing the bullying because of their own awful experiences. It makes sense and there is some compassion that goes through you when you read this post. But then I think that all those who are abused do not turn into abusers, So what makes someone seek self awareness and one turn to being the bully. Dr. Clune suggested in an answer to my comment that it might just be the “soul.” There is something to think about in that answer, This a brilliant series and a great post with incredible insight. Take the time and visit ontheplumtree to read this section of the series on Emotional Fitness(TM). It will be well worth your time and understanding. J.K. the secret keeper

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What makes a bully, bully?

A bully hurts. Because they hurt inside, they hurt others.

A bully’s emotions are out of control. Their emotions are a tangled web of complex emotional responses, so they seek control over others.

A bully is angry, uncontrollably so, having never resolved any of the issues at work within his/her Psyche. A bully does not understand anger, how destructive it is to self and to others. Anger consumes their emotional responses.

A bully lives in a perpetual state of anger, unknowing of any other state of being, unaware of the amazing purpose that properly channeled anger might serve.

A bully is insecure so seeks dominion over others. They do this to big-up a fragile, disintegrating ego with false bravado, false power, false control.

Within a bully is a victim. A bully is a victim.

If a bully perceives a ‘victim,’ s/he despises that victim because s/he despises that…

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