The LOOK Challenge

The LOOK Challenge

This is from Emily Guido a wonderful Author and friend. Thank you Emily YOU ROCK and I love your writing! Check the lovely and wonderful Emily Guido out, soon to be located at, you won’t be disappointed

Here are the rules:

Search your manuscript for the word “look,” and then copy the surrounding paragraphs into a post.

Give a little background on the scene if you’d like.

My scene is from “My First Novel” written before PCs or Apple on an electric typewriter, titled: “The Seduction of Innocence”

Description: Chapter 13 – BRINGING IN THE NEW: The bar is in the basement level of Alex and Drew’s estate. Designed like the one they went to after the first time they met at Alex’s book signing in New Haven, CT. for one of her many mystery novels. This particular evening there was a New Year’s Eve party going on. Drew was covering for the usual woman who bartended their parties. Louise is a close “more than” friend to Andrea and casual friends with Drew and Alex. Sachi works for the family. Does what ever needs to be done which includes being an artist’s model for Drew, a chaffeur for the family, the occasional body guard and a great deal more. Andrea is Alex’s physical therapist and Janice use to be her nurse. Andrea is attracted to Drew. Janice wants to break up Drew and Alex and Louise is just a good person who is drawn to lesbians but is quite straight but actually isn’t exactly sure of that. Audrey is the psychotherapist who runs the women’s group and has become a close friend with Alex and friends with Drew. Rebecca is Audrey’s life partner.

This is a featured picture

“Really great New Year’s Eve party Drew,” Louise said leaning over the bar as she watched Drew make her a drink.

“What did you say?” Drew asked coming out of a trance and looked at Louise and then ran her fingers over her face to snap out of it. “Oh, yeah, it’s not bad. More women then I had expected. At the last minute Sachi decided to bring some of her pool buddies from that gay bar in Albany. You remember meeting Sachi, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Louise spoke hesitantly but continued. “She’s very attractive but also a bit unusual. Don’t you think so too?”

“That’s just Sachi,” Drew exclaimed. “She’s an incredible friend and extremely loyal to me. Kind of like my guardian angel, definitely beautiful and it’s well worth the time to get to know her. You should try it sometime.”

“She makes me nervous,” Louise reached for her drink that Drew had placed on the bar in front of her. Just at that moment she was going to get down off her bar stool, until she noticed Drew’s concentrated gaze look out into the room at someone. She turned her head and saw Andrea approached the bar with an empty glass in her hand. Louise sat back down on her stool, she waited for her.

“Hello Louise,” Andrea said as she looked at her briefly than gave Drew her attention. As Drew took the glass out of her outstretched hand, she felt their hands touch. Her hand touched Drew’s very briefly and very gently. “So, are you to play bartender all night Drew or do you want to have some fun?”

For a long moment, Drew watched Andrea, then answered the question put to her. “I like doing both, besides, it’s safe back here. I get to talk to everyone that drinks or who wants to talk to me. But seriously, I’m just covering for Tina. She had to pick up some friends she invited to the party and she’s a bit late and anyway, I like mixing drinks.”

“When she gets here, I’d like to claim a dance with you.” Andrea kept eye contact with Drew and watched for a response.

“I’d like that too.” Drew handed Andrea her scotch and ice as she noticed a woman walked through the doorway and approached the bar.

“I’d like a beer,” the woman said.

Her blondness, short hair and the blueness of her seductive eyes took Drew’s mind out of where she was and made the moment appear timeless. Until the woman said again, “A beer please.”

The words snapped Drew out of her trance, “Oh…I’m sorry, what did you say, I mean what kind of beer?” She felt embarrassed and rather self-conscious.

“I’d like two Molson’s Golden Ale, if you have it.” She saw how Drew looked at her and smiled warmly.

“My favorite, too,” Drew said. “When I could still drink beer. Here you go.” She pulled two bottles out of the refrigerator under the front of the bar and handed them to her. “Would you like glasses?”

“No, thank-you.” She took the opened bottles and walked toward the dance floor toward a dark haired woman who waited for her.

Andrea noticed how Drew’s eyes couldn’t divert themselves from the beauty of the blond goddess that passed through their space.

“Excuse me, you two, may I disturb you both,” Louise said very loudly. “I want to dance. Would you mind if I stole Andrea away for a short while?”

“No, go right ahead, I’ll watch,” Drew said.

“Come on Louise,” Andrea said, but Louise was the one to pull her away from the bar. “I guess this is a command performance. See you later, Drew.” She took a few more steps backwards, just didn’t want to lose any of the smile Drew gave her. She then turned around and walked reluctantly with Louise to the dance floor.

Seeing the opportunity of to get Drew alone, Janice practically leaped from her chair to get to the bar before anyone would notice it was empty except for Drew. She was in such a hurry that she nearly tripped over a chair as she got up from the table she sat at alone.

“So, Drew,” Janice slurred her name as she climbed up on a stool rather recklessly. “Alone at last. Do you think you could find it in your heart to fix me another drink? I’d be grateful.” She took a deep breath and placed her empty glass on the bar in front of her. “I see some of your models are here this evening. They are lovely, aren’t they? You are so lucky, do you know that? Are any of them dykes?” She looked about the room then looked once again at Drew who tried to find the bourbon. “You’ve got everything you want and my life is destroyed. Do you mind my being so frank? I know we haven’t been the best of friends but I want to talk to you. You’ve got a great lady there. Alex is one great broad. She’d give you anything you wanted. She was good to me too, once. I just wish she hadn’t stopped needing me. Andrea saw to that. She healed her. Andrea may be a good woman but you have to watch her. She’s my best friend but she can’t help herself when it comes to women she wants. When she gets it into her mind to have sex with someone, that woman better be prepared. She is obsessed with sex.” She stopped long enough to accept the full glass from Drew and swallowed it down without taking a breath. Janice placed the glass down in front of her and asked, “May I have another one. I’m in a particular mood to get drunk.”

“I think you might want to wait, see how that drink affects you first,” Drew said.

“I don’t want to wait,” Janice pleaded. “I just want another drink and to talk right now. Okay?!”

“Alright, but only one more and then you can have sodas or coffee but nothing alcoholic.” Drew poured her one more small drink over a great deal of ice.

“Thanks, Drew, you’re a real pal.” Janice reached for the glass of bourbon and ice and almost fell off the stool as she stood up. “I think I’ll find Alex. I’d rather talk to her instead. Bye.” She stumbled off in the direction of the booth where Alex sat with Audrey and Rebecca. Drew tried to get Alex’s attention but too late, Janice sat down alone at the empty table opposite the dance floor and across from Alex’s booth. Here she thought she could sit unobtrusively and sip her drink as she watched Alex, too.


Tag 5 other writers who are working on, or who have completed a manuscript.

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5 thoughts on “The LOOK Challenge

  1. “It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done.” ~ Vincent van Gogh ~

    I was never really insane except upon occasions when my heart was touched.” ~ Edgar Allan Poe ~


    • A great group of writers, I must say. It was fun doing this. I spent the rest of the evening organizing my first novel in order to do editing and rewrites. It will either finish it’s process and become the novel it started out being or adapted into a screenplay or both. Actually, it really starte out as an apology. When I say I’m sorry I don’t use a few words I write a whole bloody novel. I hope you find the “LOOK” or a form of it. I would love to see what you will discover in your writing. Jen


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