power eternal

power eternal
by jennifer kiley

purple blast

power eternal
by jennifer kiley

the closeness
sitting near her
almost touching
the wind circling
around us
gusts carrying
sounds of words
out and up
into the bluest sky

i pulled nearer
only then
our voices
would be able
to express
our tenderness
in the spoken word

i moved
my body
close enough
so my lips
the softness
of her flowing hair
i felt the intensity
of feelings
rise up inside my veins
a madness
possessed my soul
the chemicals
by passionate
feelings of desire

was love in disguise?
was it obsession
that drew me closer
that turned our bodies
into gravity
us into
our bodies
in a melting

my skin felt
over heated
by a source
more intense
than the blistering
of the summer sun
when seeing
the pavement bleed heat
upward toward the sky

all i wanted
was to shout out
the words
for only her to hear:
“I love you!”
i felt these feelings
deep inside
she was near
the awakened
heat of my flesh
as though lava
coursed through my veins

she was a magnet
that shut down
my mind
and created
in me
an inability
to speak
in joined syllables
or coherent sentences
not even a phrase
would come
from my mouth
when her body
was so close

now on this hill top
all senses of intelligence
left my head
i wanted to pull
her body into mine
place my mouth
on her lips
and feel
the sensations
of skin smoothly
into the motion
of a deep

© Jennifer Kiley 2012

pink floyd-dark side of the moon/breathe/speak to me/any colour you like

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