The Fatal Effects of Bullying

The Fatal Effects of Bullying
by Jennifer Kiley
Inspired by post
SAD ontheplumtree

isolated woods

I posted a video this past week about a girl named Jade who did an almost exact video from the one of done by Amanda that is on the blog post SAD “ontheplumtree” that inspired me to put this post together. I, also, watched the video Amanda made on the same night I watched Jade’s. It is there last way of reaching out. After making her video she killed herself three days later. The same circumstances—bullying caused both suicides. Stripping away of their self esteem so that they would feel worthless. Feeling there was No One to turn to for support. No One who they felt cared about them enough to keep them alive. It is a sad that someone could be made to feel this way but when there is a constant torture by your peers, it doesn’t take much imagination to know that the bullying becomes extreme. What goes on in the minds of those who are doing the torturing? Why would they want to destroy someone in such a brutal and unfeeling manner? Such coldness and callousness. No empathy. No compassion. The torturerers are like cold blooded killers. They may not have physically murdered Jade or Amanda but they drove them to that state of mind that they felt there only way out of the pain, to release them from the torture was to end their lives. Anti-bullying is being brought to the attention of the school systems and the parents and to the children but it does not stop the suicides.

There is a support system on Tumblr that has a built in way of connecting where people can post how they are feeling. If they are in trouble and want to kill themselves they can write about it and other people reach out to them. I’ve visited this site and have read many of these posts. It is a very supportive means of reaching out with your pain and people are sensitive in their responses. The Psych Community involves themsleves in helping to support this spontaneous set up. There are those who write notes, poems, prose, use quotes to express themselves. It can be anonymous or people are upfront. It is a really moving place and I would imagine there are many people in severely bad places that are helped by the communications going on with this available help on Tumblr.

Think Before You Say Something

Jade committed suicide three days after she made this video.

The reason for these suicides has bullying behind it most of the time. It has become so severe and unrelenting. It is like the book “Lord of the Flies”, a weakness is found and those who torture push at that Achilles Heal until they get the victim to take their own life. Does it make the torturerers feel free of responsibility? Why aren’t they held responsible? Their actions caused Amanda and Jade and others in similar situations to commit murder on themselves but they are not the murderers, those who torture and those in authority that are aware of it and do not do enough to stop it are responsible. It needs to be stopped but it isn’t being stopped. The strong are not punished and the weak don’t survive. How is any of this right?

I decided to repost what I wrote on the blog “ontheplumtree” with some revisions and repost the video Jade made that is on another one of my posts. Maybe if we started a wave of issuing this material it may make more people take notice about bullying and the painfully sad results of the actions of bullies. One other thing that I also posted was a video from a TV show where a character committed suicide because they could not deal with being gay and in love with another boy. It is only a shade different from bullying but even this sometimes is part of what bulying will do, is to attack something one feels badly about being different in a way you cannot accept ones self. Something they are ashamed of because they are not getting the support they need in order to accept who they are. Whether that is being gay or lesbian or just being different in some way. It’s a matter of acceptance. Bullies pick up on this part of someone and use it as a weapon in their bullying. Watch the video of Jade, where her self esteemm is slowly destroyed by peers who go from liking her to turning on her like feral animals with rabies. Then watch the video from the TV show “Jack & Bobby” and see what kind of pain feeling different and not being able to accept that difference can cause to happen inside of you. How shame can destroy you just because you have feelings for someone of the same sex. It can be destructive if there is not a way to find out it is an acceptable way to feel and that there is nothing wrong with you or your feelings for having them. There is a need to be taught how to feel acceptance for who you are and a strong need to stop those who take advantage of this lack of acceptance and torture you for what you have a right to feel but a feeling you cannot live with and instead you listen to the bullies who make you feel worthless about who you are and drive you to a sense of despair so severe that you find that the only answer and way out of the shame and the pain is to kill yourself.

Jack & Bobby-Lost Boys

Bullying needs to stop. What is being done is just not enough. It has to be stopped completely and those who have these insecurities need caring for in order to help them to accept all of who they are. To remove the cause for them to want to take their own lives. J.K. the secret keeper. PS. This is only touching on a small edge of why anyone commits suicide but it is a place to start that has gotten completely out of control and needs to be stopped NOW.

Worldwide nearly a million people commit suicide every year. More than those murdered or killed in war. Think before you say something hurtful to someone else. It may look like they’re ok but they’re not. Words are more powerful than you think. OCTOBER IS ANTI-BULLYING MONTH. STOP BULLYING. BEING BULLIED CAN LEAD TO SUICIDE.

How Do You Get That Lonely—Blaire Larsen

5 thoughts on “The Fatal Effects of Bullying

  1. “No, you don’t know what it’s like
    When nothing feels all right
    You don’t know what it’s like
    To be like me
    To be hurt
    To feel lost
    To be left out in the dark
    To be kicked when you’re down
    To feel like you’ve been pushed around
    To be on the edge of breaking down
    And no one’s there to save you
    No, you don’t know what it’s like
    Welcome to my life”
    ― Simple Plan


    • Bullying seems to have escalated since I was a kid. I was also bullied and felt invisible but in a much different way. I thought I felt pain and isolattion but I would never survive what is happening in schools today and on social media, all the cyber connections, email, texting, and many ways of exposing kids with lies about them and degrading them and humiliation to the point that there is no place a kid can escape this kind of horrible cruel abuse. Sorry it took me so long to respond. This issue is truly significant for me. Being bullied in any way is abominable and the extent doesn’t really make the difference. It’s more that you have been choosen to be a victim of bullies and they are relentless no matter in what degree they bully you. It needs to be stopped and bullies need to be removed from their contact with those with whom they are bullying. If it means expulsion or even juvenile detention. Protecting those who are the victims of bullying need protection by any means necessary. BULLYING CAN CAUSE SUICIDE. BULLYING CAN BE FATAL AND IT HAS BEEN AND CONTINUES TO BE.


      • i have faced its ugliest form both in person and in cyber world- yes, it can make a person kill or commit suicide.

        day by day human beings in poor countries are becoming like pack of rats- people say india is developing but in reality the cream is devoured by handful of cats and the rest of the country goes hungry, so i rather prefer calling india a poor country thats being looted brazenly by handful people. they sure are rich, and i think they can compete with your rich people if they admit their hidden wealth and black money.


        • I am sorry to hear that you have had to endure this kind of treatment. Are you safe now from these inhumane monsters? I hope that you will say yes. It is unimaginable for me to think you have gone through this that is why I am hoping this has stopped for you. I have only dealt with that part of my past peripherally. There was a great deal of abuse in my childhood. I can only imagine how you felt. It is horrible. Did you have anyone you could turn to? I was silent until I was 19 and started to see a psychotherapist. Have you ever spoken or written about your feelings about what happened to you. As I said, I do not know if you have escaped from this. I am hoping that you have. If you ever want to write privately just click on my celtic tree of life gravatar. It will take you to where my email address is. Write if you would like to. No pressure. Ok. Jennifer ps. Something seriously has to be done to put a stop to bullying and it has to start in the schools and in educating parents on how to tell if their child is being bullied and if their child is a bully. Sharmishtha – Namaste.

          As to what is happening in the rest of India, it is unfair the way the rich take almost everything and don’t care about anyone else’s survival. It is happening on a grander scale in your country but the rich are trying to do it in mine as well. We have an election in two weeks to hopefully prevent the rich from taking over this country completely. They are trying. If they succeed the poor are doomed. The government will abandon them. I know it is not the same but on some levels there are similarities. We will talk more on all of this again. Alright. Jen


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