Beautiful Blogger Award Nomination

Beautiful Blogger Award Nomination
Oct 16

A Beautiful Blogger Award

Reflectionsonlifesofar, over at nominated me for this lovely award: a Beautiful Blogger award. So I’m not entirely sure how this works but I think besides saying “thanks so much Reflectionsonlifesofar for nominating me!” there are 7 things I tell you about myself and I nominate some other worthy bloggers, 15 I’ve been told. So I’ll list my nominees after my 7 things about me

The nominees are in no particular order so being near the top or bottom isn’t the way I see you! It’s just the way I typed them in. I’ve chosen, with care, the 15 blogs I see as beautiful. Some are poetry, stories, about mental health and so much more. So they are all different but beautiful in their own way. If I didn’t pick your blog and you think I should have I apologize, I merely picked the ones I could think of and remembered especially well. Also, some blogs are very interesting and informative but the beautiful aspect eluded me. Anyhow, I congratulate all of my nominees and hope you like awards! Some bloggers don’t want them. So if that’s you my apologies.

Seven things about me:
1. I have an addiction to writing, creativity, the computer and techno gadgets. (they go together)
2. I love reading the dictionary and understanding words.
3. I cannot live without animals and my significant other.
4. I am in love with love. (all you need is love—I am a romantic.) I need my friends.
5. I am highly sensitive, intuitive and feel emotional pain easily and I am honest.
6. I have an addiction to therapy and yet it hurts me more than anything.
7. I love books, films, poetry, reading and writing all three. I love writing poetry. (all sorts)

My Nominations for Beautiful Blogger:
10. (Sharmishtha Basu poetries)

6 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Award Nomination

    • I love to see that you have visited. It makes me smile. I love to visit your post, which I have noted you are changing addresses. I will follow you for sure. I love the warmth and senualness of your posts. They are so enjoyable to read. Your characters are so vital and heavenly. Love, J.K. Jennifer


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