Are You Going to St Audrey’s Fair…?

Interesting life. To be wealthy as a woman back then, pretty amazing. What did she do other than have a need to remain a virgin, married to a king and a love of trinkets that called for her to become a Saint? She was an unusual woman for her times. Am I missing something. People wanted to celebrate her by throwing fairs throughout the year. Maybe the first real tags sales. Sparklies and trinkets. She did manage to be married twice and not lose her virginity. I would suppose that was quite a great feat. Dragons and superstition and Pagans versus Christians. A strange time to be alive. Good story to tell. The reminder of Christmas and shopping–it is coming on too soon. I think I would rather it be as we celebrated birthdays with many surprises, one being when the gifts arrive and are presented and of course Hanukkah. I love the candles and menorah and lahkas. Lovely illustrations. J.K.

MacKENZIE's Dragon's Nest

Hearken back to the grit and grimy days of England in the 7th century. Towns were few and far between and wolves and Dragons still ruled the wilds with fang and claw. Fun Anglo-Saxon times.

This was the age of deep superstition and early conflict between the budding Christian church and old-time Paganism. Of strict class structure and more rights for cattle than women. It was into this world that Princess Æthelthryth (Etheldreda to those more Roman and Anglo-Saxon) was born of a most saintly lineage – according to the Venerable Bede, she, her brother, and three sisters were all canonized. She was a comely aristocrat with a fondness for beads and trinkets and more interest in heaven than earth. In the way of Medieval women, she was also a pawn in politics and religion for much of her short life (636-679 CE). Still, she was blessed to be a woman of wealth and property and so had leverage most…

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