How To Achieve BiPolar IN Order

How To Achieve BiPolar IN Order
By Tom Wootton
Moving From Bipolar Disorder To Bipolar IN Order
by BipolarAdvantage
Created by The Secret Keeper

Jie Ma Digital Art Tumblr Spiral Staircase Mid Air

This video is from a public television program called “Moving From Bipolar Disorder To Bipolar IN Order.” It explains what bipolar is and the difference between disorder and IN Order by detailing the six stages that one goes through as understanding and functionality improves. It outlines more complete assessments geared toward success, advanced tools that supplement existing tools, and stage specific plans that accommodate the needs of each of the six stages. It builds on the previous article called The Six Stages Of Bipolar And Depression.

The direct link to youtube for the video is and goes into more detail about it. I would love to hear your feedback on it and where on the scale you think you might be at.

Moving From Bipolar Disorder To Bipolar IN Order
by BipolarAdvantage

Jie Ma Tumblr Cathedral Mid Air

Laura Branigan—Self Control

3 thoughts on “How To Achieve BiPolar IN Order

    • The art blew me away. It is one of my favorite kind of art. surreal. Also into abstract. I am glad it catches your eye. The video is well worth the time to listen to but i realize it take awhile to get through it. I must say I learn a great deal from it. The book BiPolar In Order is also enlightening. Thanks. J.K. ps. It is a small world. I did not know until after I red your first two posts, whihch I love, that it was you Marta. You are an extremely good writer. I would be curious if you decided to write a comedy. I, also, am funny in real life but I don’t, as a rule, often write anything that is comedy. However, I love comedy and I love to laugh.


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