The disastrous behaviour of the memory

JUST FOUND THIS. JUST READ IT AND IT WILL REALLY MAKE YOU THINK DEEPER THOUGHTS AND HAVE A DEEPER SENSE OF FEELING ABOUT THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS AND MEMORIES. IT IS JUST SOMETHING TO PONDER. TAKE WHAT YOU WILL. J.K. the secret keeper PS. I am in no way deferring actual memories of things that really did happen to anyone in their past. This is more a reflection on how our responses to something that has happened can become distorted when we allow it to build up in our mind until it grows out of proportion to what originally happened. This in no way reflects on trauma that has happened to anyone in their childhood or trauma as an adult. This is my own opinion on how anyone reacts to what this poster states.

To Be Aware

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2 thoughts on “The disastrous behaviour of the memory

    • one can get wprked to the point of not really having a clear pictue of actually really is the truth. i do separate these thoughts with thos who have been traumatized when children or as adults. but when you’ve had a recent emotional encounter that can be built up in your mind beyond proportions. emotions can play tricks in yoour mind. and make things worse but you think your perceptions are accurate. jennifer 🙂


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