Represent the Darkness

Represent the Darkness
By Jennifer Kiley

representing darkness

feelings meeting thoughts

Represent the Darkness
By Jennifer Kiley

Represent the darkness
Switch it with light
Feelings with thoughts
Death with life
Lost with found
Shadows with vision
Listen to the silence
Blindness sees the derision
Exchange same with different
Power with collapse
All things upside down
Turn upright at last

All things in reverse
Chaos into calm
Doubt into knowing
Turn the world around
War into peace
Terror into courage
How reads the heart
From the soul’s quiet watch
Inner light it shines
In the outer darkness
Closes the mind
Shades become shadows
Question the truth
What once was false
Is now removed
Read out the message
The soul brings forth
True understanding
Confirms the source
Meaning is revealing
Comprehension the response
Reassurance that the message
Being revealed is the truth
Is there a way of guessing
What’s transferred from the soul
Is interpreted correctly
Does a human heart
Really know the code

Only questioning the importance
Of what we learn
It’s quite clear
As it is interpreted
For all who can hear
The soul is the messenger
The heart is the dove
All humans must practice
To hear the words
From up above
It’s outer and it’s inner
The truth we comprehend
The word must be spread
All throughout the land
Don’t turn away from hearing
Don’t deny our truth
Our lives will lose all meaning
We would cease to exist
Lost here forever
Never to know true bliss
Try not to resist it
Accept the given gift
And listen to your heartbeat
The soul’s given wish

© Jennifer Kiley 2012


5 thoughts on “Represent the Darkness

    • Thank you, Niamh, I thought that the kitty stood for feeling and Obama the contrast as thought. Also, in doing the contrast wanted to show how all can be flipped around and change could occur. I like to represent images from the mind with the visual and bring out something with the music to cover the creative basis of the poem. I must say after writing this poem Represent the Darkness my s/o and I got into a critics debate over how she felt about the poem and I didn;t agree and actually, I have made progress, in the past I would have been crushed but not so last night, I stood my ground and was able to defend where I was going. I was trying to show a dichotomy between the first half being of the mind and the second being from feeling. Whether I succeeded, I did attempt to understand. Though, after I went to bed I read from your book The Coming of the Feminine Christ and saw something for the first time. I cheated and turned on the text to speech device on my kindle and read with it. It helped me gain an intense amount of understanding. Wow, my eyes were more opened. Can’t explain why doing it that way made a difference but I was amazed how much more incredible the book is when hearing it read aloud. Not that it isn’t incredible when read silently. But I think it is like reading our poetry aloud, one feels the depth more intensely. Have you ever thought of going further with making The Coming of the Feminine Christ an audio book. With your voice, the way you read on the Angel In the Forest. I think for myself, that it would blow me away even further than the audio text to speech on the Kindle Touch. It is amazing hearing it out loud. I think it would do the same for other people. I know this is a wild suggestion but I would definitely buy the series of discs myself. Truly amazing. Something to think about. The soul would be heard by the heart in a miraculous way. I know that I am blown away by Angel In the Forest. Working with Claudio Fiore on this project just gives me the chills. This is just coming to me now but I think from a feeling place this would be so spectacular. I realize an enormous venture but a mystical, magical, marvelous one. I know I am getting ahead of myself but there you have it. A.L. J.K.


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