“Shoes,” In Honour of National Poetry Day (USA) Post Your Poem!

This poem is only the beginning of a wondrous discovery of a poet who has talents beyond your imaginings. Follow the reblog and continue on the path of the story being told in this poem and progress to the site and learn more about the talent of the person behind this poem. You will be pleasantly surprised at what you will discover. A delightful surprise, a treasure. Trust The Secret Keeper. Go on an Adventure. J.K. ps. Also, visit the comment section of this post and discover a video of Niamh Clune, the poet of “Shoes,” reading from her book “The Coming of the Feminine Christ,” in a video with a very mystical flavour to it. You will be engrossed.

Dr Niamh's Children's Books

if i could step inside your shoes,
well-worn and dusty,
stitching rent,
and faded hide,
and laces frayed,
and insoles soft,
and steel caps bent,
to retrace steps,
once trod by you,
over glass and stormy sea,
such was the lover that you be,
to come in search,
to come for me.

and feel the toil of everyday,
the struggle,
as your crag-ged hands,
moved rocks and mountains,
without rest,
to you my hero,
that climbed the crest,
I’ll dance a jig,
I’ll call a toast,
I’ll drink to you,
beloved ghost.

(c) Copyright Niamh Clune 2012

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5 thoughts on ““Shoes,” In Honour of National Poetry Day (USA) Post Your Poem!

    • I wanted to share your poem and your talent. When you visited my blog you may not have seen that I changed something on the comment section of the post. I decided to add the video Claudio Fiore worked on of you speaking from the words written in your book :The Coming of the Feminine Christ.” It sounds so intense. Also, I put a specific quote above the video. The words are true and for me they speak of you. J.K.


    • Thank you. I just wanted you to know that I improved what I posted. Claudio’s version of Colours and the recording off your album were perfect. Then I went with my first choice but needed to realize that. And I meant those words, They were for you. It was a particularly vulnerable writing night for me and doing this really helped me to get refocused. Concentrating on your poem and creative works and Shawn’s also kept me centered when I was feeling a bit off center. When you have time you will understand what I am talking about when you check out what I wrote last night before midnight. I posted it early on the 5th. I am ok. It was my pleasure to reblog your poem “Shoes” and Shawn’s Kiss a Dragon Day. I love doing these things for both of you. J.K. ps. And I did take care of myself also. Thank you for your comment. It really made me feel good. I like having the Angel on the secret keeper, also. 🙂


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