Light In the Darkness

Light In the Darkness
By Jennifer Kiley
the secret keeper

light in the darkness

light in the darkness
controlling shades and shadows
rays of hope pierce eyes ♥

Favorite thing’s love
Finding cryptic messages
Tears for all I am ♥

pain pleasure are one
white flower touching friendship
brings forth tears of bliss ♥

bliss is pain and joy
colours glimmer across sky
mourning streaks through glass ♥

© Jennifer Kiley 2012

Morning Has Broken-Cat Stevens (short but beautiful version)

Cat Stevens-Morning Has Broken (full version and beautiful)

3 thoughts on “Light In the Darkness

    • I must pass along a certain credit to a friend that has a great influence on me both when I am in a state of calm and in chaos. They just seem to be able to find a way to reach me. In this case they guided me into a state of serenity. This is partly a gift to them. Often I am inspired by them. I think they know that, though. But it is always a good thing to remind them how important they are to me. It is so peaceful to be inside of that “soft and delicate” side of me. It is so relaxing and greatly effects my creativity. Thank you for your wonderful words. They truly move me. J.K. a.l.


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