Natalie Portman Uncensored (has been censored)

Natalie Portman Uncensored
Courtesy of Saturday Night Live
The Secret Keeper (the Naughty Side)
Not For the Faint at Heart
Course Language and Descriptions
of an Offensive Nature
But Funny/Hilarious as Hell
WARNING: Definitely NC-17

Natalie Portman All Cute with Curls

no longer available on my blog
Natalie Rap (uncensored) got unembedded
Rating Strong NC-17

Natalie Rap Censored Version On SNL

Follow This Link To Natalie Portman Uncensored with Lyrics, which gave me the idea to put together this post. (Also, A great Poet, bipolarmuse, is at the other end.)

Rolling Stones-Sympathy For The Devil (Live) HQ

3 thoughts on “Natalie Portman Uncensored (has been censored)

    • That would be great. Hope you liked the tribute and that I was inspired by your post. Couldn’t resist getting a bit raunchy on my own blog. Usuaully, I can be too censored in my postings. Like your free spirit. It evokes in one a certain sense of freedom of one’s own. Look forward to hearing from you. Hope you had a great time away. 🙂 ♥


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