Woman Of My Dreams

Woman Of My Dreams
By Jennifer Kiley


Woman Of My Dreams
By Jennifer Kiley

Woman of my dreams
Colours of the blending light
Visit me with words unending
So the nightmare stays away
You have power their unbending
Evil dares not touch your wrath
Your protection keeps me safe now
My beliefs my reasons ending
In a truth that is life’s blending
I am free from fear transcending
Sing your colours I believe in
Angels wander in the streaming
Sounding out that love is trending
I am yours I am unending
Immortal souls appear before me
Their beauty unfolds in timeless glory
Voices calling answers soaring
Echoing the words of loving
In my world your life is welcome
All that is creates a giving peace
A chance at life to be forgiven
Send down the rain to save the children
Tell the world that all’s forgiven
Find the peace that good is living
Rock to sleep the babies crying
What a sound that was alarming
From the voices of the children
They need protecting by the willing
Empty the greed that keeps your heart from giving
Discover the generosity of the living
Reach into your heart and start on breathing
Put life back into those who are dying
Give back their purpose feed their children
Feed their thirst you make a living
Share what you have you’ll find in giving
You’ll find a way to refine the score
Your soul will be saved if you find the gifts
To give to those who are dying
Bring them back to life in time
To save their lives so they will live
You’ll feel much better if you lend a hand
And give until you can’t give some more
Now don’t you feel better knowing
You saved more than one life today
One life besides your own
Pay the price send it forward
You’ll then feel the joy in living

Jennifer Kiley © 2012

Meet Me In The Dark-Melissa Etheridge

7 thoughts on “Woman Of My Dreams

    • The words of this poem poured out of me. Deep inside me these feelings and thoughts exist. I get passionate about something, i involve myself in it. Sahel has a need in it that calls out to me. What you feel, you have extended it to me. We did try and I have not stopped. I work at trying to stay well, whole, and I will never stop beleiving in love no matter what curving angles I cascade into. I am strong, so damned strong that it drives me to hold on. To get past the doubt that plays games in my head trying to confuse me. They will never beat me. I have fought to get past and through so many detours. Life may be punishing but it will not defeat me. No one will. If I stop beleiving in something that is important to me and holds meaning, I will find a way to get back the part of the belief that is real and true and cast away the deceptions that are put before me to confuse and fool me. But I soon find my way back and start to move forward again on the path that is part of the serendipity of my life. Love, imagination and creatvity are my joys in life and I will never let them ever be taken away. the secret keeper J.K.


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