Song of Sahel Art Auction

Good Luck today. The offering of paintings are a treasure to chose from. Hopefully, there will be treasure hunters out in search of such paintings of richness and abundance of talent and creativity. To Sahel. Bring them the echo of Joy today. The Secret Keeper Jennifer Kiley PS. Help Raise the Funds for Sahel. Make a bid. Chose the Treasure of One of the Offerings of Beautiful Art.

Dr Niamh's Children's Books

I blogged about the colour, depth and suggestion of Cher Duncombe’s work with its inherent raw passion and textures reminiscent of earth scorched and cracked by the blistering sun. Her painting has been sent across an ocean to the lucky bidder Claudio Fiore! It will hang in his new music studio…And I will get to see it often. Cher is such a talent. I will be featuring more of her art on the Plum Tree Books web-site! And you can find her there.

I mentioned the fecundity, joy, and sheer abandonment of Tahira Lubrano’s Goddess of Nature to whom we pray to bless those in Sahel. The lucky lady who bid for this is none other than Betty Dravis. Now for those of you who don’t know Betty Dravis…and let’s face it, who doesn’t know Betty?…this picture probably embodies Betty’s spirit. Betty is an inspiration to so many of us…

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