The Coming of Niamh Clune

The Coming of Niamh Clune
By Jennifer Kiley
The Secret keeper

I am writing this without Niamh Clune’s knowledge. I am taking a portion of a guest post she wrote originally as a comment to one of my own posts. Being so moved by her words I asked if she would be willing to allow me to use her comment to create a post on my blog The Secret Keeper. She gave me total freedom and I chose to create a post titled: “I Love…” Guest Blogger, Niamh Clune. She has been one of the most generous of supporters of my blog since she first visited it. Her comments were always a challenge to my mind, soul and heart. To respond, for me, even slightly close to her level of intuitive wisdom and insight was an exciting prospect that burned all my creative energy to find the exact response that would fit as perfectly as possible what I felt was like a friendly chess game with words. Her extensive accuracy with language in chosing the correct word for every part of what she would create for me to thoroughly absorb into my being would have scared off most and I would take some very deep breaths to fuel my mind with 100% oxygen so that all my brain cells could partcipate in this endeavor. She is as close to a perfect writer as I have ever read and I do read extensively. I’ve studied words since I was a very young child. My favorite book to read was the dictionary. However, I felt like I had to hide that from sight. My mother would always ask me what I was using the dictionary for. Of course, I knew her mind and she was certain I was looking up all those words I wasn’t suppose to know. The ones that explain all about the process of creating off spring or something much more vile then sexual intercourse. I was looking those words up but I didn’t want to give her that satisfaction.

Let’s return to why I am writing this blog. I want to tell you something about Dr. Niamh Clune that you may want to know and don’t already. She is a genius with a heart that goes out to the children of the world. Anywhere there is a child suffering, she wants to go there somehow to help to relieve their pain. That is what she has been doing now for the past five months or a bit longer. Her attentions have been devoted to finding a way to help the starving and dying children of Sahel. A large area, millions of acres, in Western Africa, that has had a drought for far too long for the soil to be anything but ruined. No seeds could survive as long as this drought has lasted and it continues. It is like the water has forgotten where it use to rain down to give these people food grown from the ground. The idea of any child dying is awful but to die of starvation is obscene. The body destroys itself. Niamh could not bear this to be happening. She came up with the idea to create The Anthology Song of Sahel, where a group of artists from all over the world would donate their works of poetry, photography, paintings, music and other forms of donations. The art has been collected and evaluated and chosen for The Anthology Song of Sahel. There was one specific requirement of the artists’ donations, that their art be a reflection of Sahel. How it effected them. To put it into their pieces of work. The Anthology Song of Sahel has music linked in, amazing photographs, poetry, paintings so divine. It is now available to download from Amazon as an eBook. I will include in my post the link you can go to that will lead you to the download link on Plum Tree Books. Plum Tree Books was Founded By Niamh Clune who is also the CEO. It is a “Pay It Forward” Publishing Company that encourages artists, poets, writers, creativity of all kinds and for all ages. Dr. Niamh Clune is a woman of many talents, one of which is an author. She has written several books that are available on eBooks. The most recent release is “The Coming of the Feminine Christ” and “Orange Petal In a Storm.” The second book has a sequel that will be due out in the near future. It is in the ready stages to be published. Look for that announcement to come soon. The title of the book is “The Exaltation of a Rose.” Both books are about a young girl named Skyla McFee. Her life takes a rather bad turn and she ends up living with the most God awful people. And that is a kind description of what they are like. The first book “The Coming of the Feminine Christ” was recently rereleased as an eBook. In it’s first run, it sold out so fast and became a collectors item and developed a cult following. Dr. Clune often met with groups to lecture or head up discussions on “The Coming of the Feminine Christ.” Reading it is a profound experience, something that needs to be read over and over again. Learning something new in each sitting. It is about a true experience, quite spirtual in nature and also quite scary and life altering. The experience gave Dr. Niamh Clune an insight that humankind needs to hear. To discover what the future of humankind is, it is necessary for all to read “The Coming of the Feminine Christ.” It is well researched and highly intelligent and a book one would want as a companion to refer to a passage or idea, any given moment. Reading it as just a book you read and then toss aside, it is not. It is more a reference book of insights and intelligent revelations from a mind that witnessed something not all would be chosen to observe. Niamh Clune was chosen.

Niamh Clune has been chosen or has chosen to dedicate her life so far to helping others in her capacity as a psychotherapist, as a publisher, a writer, a poet, a visual artist, a song writer, a singer, a musician of all amazing talents. She has an album out that quite relates to “The Coming of the Feminine Christ” titled “Touching Angels.” It is so beautiful and enlightening and elevating. All of these books and music I have experienced and own in my collections. The books are on Kindle but when I first tried to obtain a copy of “The Coming of the Feminine Christ” I went to Amazon and Abe Books and found at Amazon, I could get a solid, hold in your hand copy of Niamh Clune’s “The Coming of the Feminine Christ” for a shocking price of $450.00 plus dollars. I tried other means to find this through libraries but to no avail. After reading all of the 5 star reviews at, I was more determined then ever that I must possess this book. It sounded like the only book I needed most in this world. I spoke to the author and told her what I had experienced trying to own a copy of her book. She informed me some time later that she had decided to rerelease “The Coming of the Feminine Christ” for Kindle and that she was going to go through to make it available.

Awhile passed, and finally the day came for the launch party for “The Coming of the Feminine Christ.” There was a great deal of excitement. I could hardly wait. I had only just received my Kindle Touch as a present and had already downloaded “Orange Petals in a Storm.” Also, I cannot forget about the book that Plum Tree Books created, from a grand and insightful idea of Dr. Clune’s, and with the work of others to help her, Plum Tree Books published “Every Child Is Entitled to Innocence.” This book is about a combination of different sorts of childhoods, those that were happy and contented and nurturing and then those that were sad and lonely and just the opposite of what a nurturing childhood is like. It gives one a look inside to see what happens with a child in how they are nurtured or when that is never made available to them. These are real stories from real people with as little editing as possible so that the stories would be in the words of the grownup that was once the child who lived in the world they are writing about.

Now back to the launch. It was exciting and a success but with one glitch, which was worked out by Niamh Clune with a touch of great guidance from a computer language expert. Niamh reworked every page of that book in computer language. If you understand Kindle, it has changed so much and so often that not all computer language is or was compatible. Now all is well with “The Coming of the Feminine Christ.” I am reading and rereading it right now. It has helped me see things in my life that I needed a deeper understanding of and this book was there for me.

What I am trying to say here is that the world has a magnificently talented and generous woman who gives back and encourages other artists to develop and grow inside. To help them find there way through the labyrinth of creativity and the difficulties that go with it. She is someone who deserves to be noticed on a HIGH LEVEL of Visibility. Her talents will amaze you. Her poetry is transcendent. Her prose carries you into the story and holds you there and when you come to the end you want more and more and more. I feel that way about all of her talents. Her music guides me through many emotional moments and helps my muse to whisper in my mind what it is I need to express in my own writing. Her poetry is so deeply moving. The words and images she creates carry you to the places she intends to take you, as if she knew what your mind, heart or soul needed at that moment. That is how profound an effect she can have on anyone who is open to enlightenment of their spirit, mind, emotions and physical feelings. These are all connected and she helps to hold them all together for you in all of her creativity.

I have been blessed to get close to Dr. Niamh Clune and I must say that she has had the most profound effect on my life. It has changed me and opened me up and I am growing into myself like I never have before. She is a genius. A spirit filled with great love and compassion. A generosity of heart that she gives out sometimes I feel way too freely. But she is that open and honest and giving a person. She wants the people she makes contact with to improve their lives. To open them up inside so they learn how to live and express who they are.

The Anthology Song of Sahel that she has been working on to the point of exhaustion is for the children of Sahel, who call out to her because her heart is open to hearing their voices. She has struggled through this all for 5 months so that she would be able to offer something to help them. To raise funds to help bring them aid, food, some sort of comfort to heal them. The Anthology Song of Sahel is only one of the things she has done. She worked with Claudio Fiore, a master musician and creator of music, and her daughter Aleisha Shimizu, a woman with a beautiful and soulful voice that has the sound of a bell tone so magnificent. Niamh composed and worked with them and did backup as opposed to front singer, which she is, it was her daughter who shines, and they created the most amazing song “Give Me Life” to be sold to raise funds also for Sahel. They also created another song with Tom Cloverfield, which is beautiful and haunting titled “Island of Hope.” All of these are avaliable to be purchased and the money will go to help the children and people of Sahel. Go to the above link to find out how to purchase any of these wonderful creations.

The last thing I want to mention is that Niamh Clune had brought together artists who have donated their work to be Auctioned with the winner being the one who makes the highest bid. She is truly amazing. I will stop now and give you an example of what she thinks about her love of words.


I love…
By Niamh Clune
Guest Blogger

I love…
Every second of the writing process. I am lost in it, consumed by it, but then have to crash through the gates of reality to publish. What I love is scattered to the winds.

I love…
Beautiful prose, that by its very nature uplifts and allows soul into life. A thing-in-itself, a work of art, a thing of beauty, It is simple, uncluttered by adverbs and adjectives. It is not over-lofty but deeply thoughtful.

I love…
Those writers who defiantly re-arrange words to paint pictures of light as well as dark and who are brave enough to shrink from neither.

I love….
Good grammar. In fact when it is that good, it subtly challenges the rules.

I love…
Prose that contains within itself consistency of metaphor and lends three-dimensional depth to character.

I love…
When a reader knows how characters think and feel and is able to identify with those intimacies, as though the writer were speaking from one heart directly to another.

I love…
Writing that is musical, has rhythm and timbre. Even if it describes Hell, it does so beautifully…

I love words.

I love writing them, speaking them, playing with them, teasing them into performance.


London and Galway,

niamh clune

Niamh is the author of the Skyla McFee series: Orange Petals in a Storm, and Exaltation of a Rose. Also author of The Coming of the Feminine Christ. Recently, Niamh produced an anthology of happy and sad stories from childhood: Every Child is Entitled to Innocence. The proceeds of this book go to Child Helpline International. Dr. Niamh Clune worked in Africa for Oxfam and UNICEF in her career as a psychotherapist. She is the founder of Plum Tree Books, an award-winning social entrepreneur, an environmental campaigner and a singer/songwriter.

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Orange Petal in a Storm

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Orange Petals in a Storm: A spiritual inspirational story to feed the soul. In Skyla’s world, we find shelter from every hazard and outlive the longest night.

A bedraggled and bruised eleven-year-old child races through the rain-drenched streets of East London as though the hounds of Hell were after her. She tries to reach the home of her childhood, a home that was hers until her mother’s recent death. What becomes of Skyla McFee once she arrives there? From who does she run?

This is a story about a wonderful child who endures great suffering at the hands of her stepfather. Though she lives in a harsh reality, she evolves spiritually despite, or perhaps because of the hurt she suffers. The magical way she transcends her unbearable life through her inner world transports us into the hauntingly beautiful world of the imagination. Telling you that Skyla triumphs over her situation is not a spoiler – because as you get to know her, you realise there is no other way. She must triumph because of who she is.

plum tree press

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The Plum Tree

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Every Child is Entitled to Innocence

Every Child is Entitled to Innocence: An Anthology of Happy and Sad Stories from Childhood. Proceeds to Child Helpline International.. This is the first publication of the newly-formed Plum Tree Books. Profits from the sales of this e-book will be donated to Child Helpline International.

The idea for this anthology was born of the fact that in the course of trying to promote my own book, I met other writers that had experienced difficult childhoods yet had overcome their brutal beginnings. I wanted to make the first Plum Tree publication a celebration of the creative imagination. This powerful friend of damaged children plays an essential role in an abused child’s recovery.

Gathering this series of stories was a joy. Plum Tree Books has developed special, vibrant relationships with contributors and has forged many lasting friendships.

We encouraged happy stories that reflected the innocence of childhood when infants feel wrapped in the warmth of loving arms. We wanted to contrast these with the sad ones, making them stand out in relief against a bright backdrop. We felt this comparison would demonstrate, without explanation, what happens when innocence is stolen.

In this book, readers will find many wonderful, heart-warming stories; whilst the sad ones demonstrate the magnificence of the human spirit as it triumphs against all the odds. Niamh Clune

10 thoughts on “The Coming of Niamh Clune

  1. Jennifer, this beautiful tribute to Niamh Clune allows the world to see her remarkable character, integrity, and talents unsurpassed. Thank you for this. I poured over every word and hope many others will see Naimh through your eyes, dear friend. Wonderful!


    • What a wonderful and heartfelt tribute you have put down on the page, or should I say pages. I would, in most cases move away from a blog post this long but I admit to being held captive by your accurate account of this most wonderful of human beings. Well done Jennifer and every description right on target!


      • DiAnne, Thank you for lasting through my unusually long blog. It needed that much room to do total justice to the work and life of Niamh Clune and I only touched such a minimal amount of words that were deserved. Niamh Clune is one amazingly talented and creative artist who is generous to the core of her being. I will share this post with more people after The Weekend for Sahel has time to Celebrate supporting the wonderful people we are trying to help due to the inspiration of NIamh Clune and her inspirer. Jennifer


    • You my friend Cher are so remarkable that you give Niamh such a loving friendship. That you are so giving to me and recognize the truth of my words and describe Niamh so well by what you say to me. The world will gain more when they acknowledge the wealth of talent Niamh Clune offers. I agree with you Cher, I hope that others will see this honest representation that I have written about a generous, loving, caring, talented artist in multiple disciplines with such genius. Thank you for what you add to my words about Niamh Clune. They are as wonderful. You are a great friend to Niamh and to me. Jennifer


    • Cher, I keep trying to leave you a response to your comment, which I love but it keeps showing up below Dianne’s response from me. It’s the oddest thing but since it is me I am not surprised. If this doesn’t work I will send you a personal message. Keep your fingers crossed that this one stays put. Jennifer


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