Schedule for Song Of Sahel Event!

Well done. Good Schedule. Easy to follow. Love your poem. The rhythm of the Earth the beat of the heart. Going to share everywhere I can. The Excitement is building. Amazon as soon as the link is posted and avaliable in the US and of course I must be awake, I will be purchasing my copy of The Anthology Song of Sahel. Music already on everything I listen to. Who can sleep. It’s a GO. Brava! Bravo! To Niamh Clune and to all those enthusiastic supporters. Lots of Love. Jennifer

Niamh Clune

Launch of Song Of Sahel on 15th September.
This will include the launch of the anthology, a live radio show, launch of music for download, and art auction…Program as follow:
The launch of Song Of Sahel: A poetry anthology involving poets, artists, music and photography from across the world.
Download from AMAZON HERE (link to be posted on 15th)Find details here on our blog. Please go HERE . The event begins at 10am GMT and continues across the world or 48 hours.The event will be accompanied by a LIVE radio show. Go HERE
The radio show will begin @ 6pm GMT, 1pm EST, 10am PST, Central Time 12:00…
THE EVENT WILL BE HOSTED ON PLUM TREE BOOKSHERE…in order to facilitate live twitter feed, links to the web-site and ease of sharing to ALL your friends.There will be traffic directors to help you on the day!!!

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Person You Hide

Person You Hide
By The Secret Keeper

person you hide

Source: Uploaded by user via Jody on Pinterest
Elephant Journal Wake Up Call of Your Mind 9.11.12

joyeux anniversaire amy
par le gardien secret

joyeux anniversaire
amy winehouse
vous étiez
né maintenant
vous êtes
presque allé
est allé
la douleur
venir si accablant
quelques pauses
dans le
et la douleur
mais juste
une distraction
avant d’entrer
dans l’autre
vie de vie
pour un instant
la porte ferme
quelqu’un veut
qu’il a rapproché
la sécurité
un spécial
quelqu’un leur
présence est sue
et tendant
il y a
une coupure
dans la connexion
que le satellite
déclenche vous
ils s’assurent
que cela est
la sensation
rien tout
seul seulement
la douleur
la proie facile
être dévoré
la mort
de besoin
de sensations
les sens pas
capable de fermer
les pensées
un jour
juste glissera
loin à l’autre
qui y
va avant
de c’est le temps
est que
aucune lutte
l’est présumé
pour être le temps
pour aller
juste part

November Rain-Guns N’ Roses

Don’t Cry-Guns N’Roses

Knockin’ On Heavens Door-Guns N’ Roses

Dedicated to M…She is my past but so difficult to let go of her. When she left I didn’t think anyone would make me want to trust or be alive again. There is someone. More than someone. But the lost child inside of me cannot find the satisfaction from all the loss and abandonment. The feelings slip away into a foggy memory that is lost in some other world. If not renewed it cannot be found. It is too frustrating for those who try to reach me, I can’t imagine why they don’t want to just give up. It seems as though I keep giving up and giving in to the depression that takes over my being. The suicidal feelings are getting more powerful. I thought they would diminish but the stronger the love the stronger the hold that death has on my soul. This is serious that I feel this way. Nothing seems to draw me away from the flame. I am the butterfly. I need to fly away and get carried away by the wind. Let it carry me to whereever the end of the rainbow finds a place to set down.