Thought Provoking-Gratitude-Enlightenment

Thought Provoking-Gratitude-Enlightenment
Collected by The Secret Keeper

Blue Abstract

videos carry
message mostly visual
but thought provoking.

Gratitude-Louie Schwartzberg’s TEDtalk

voice sound hears music
love touch soul inside being
mind never rests slow

Hidden Away-Josh Groban

from here disappear
from my life gone forever
is black the color

The Angels In Our Life

free are butterflies
give purple power to wings
intact is liff off

Isabel Allende-Tales of Passion

arguments are talk
backwards from angry voices
silence is yellow

Awake-Josh Groban

You Are Loved (Don’t Give Up)-Josh Groban

Hidden Away-Josh Groban

One thought on “Thought Provoking-Gratitude-Enlightenment

  1. Insight is the ability to grasp the key elements of a complex subject, person or situation. Insight can be focused internally as an honest awareness of our own feelings and motivations or externally as an understanding of what is true and important in the world around us.

    Insight may be partly a function of reasoning skills, but it also grows out of a patient process of introspection, contemplation, or study. A wise friend or counselor can act as a mirror, reflecting back our fragments of insight and adding their own so that we can see the whole.


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