Song Of Sahel Anthology Coming to Amazon on 15th Sep.

You told the story well except it isn’t a fiction but a reality. Doug, while in Africa helping the people in Niger, was in danger. As we witnessed yestereday’s news on 9/11, Al Qaeda killed the US Ambassador. Doug’s story is integral to Niamh Clune bringing together the support for Sahel and the creation of Song of Sahel The Anthology to raise aid to help in the aid for Sahel. The world needs to help the starving children and their families. Their soil is ruined. Their lives are in danger from starvation. Global Devastation has effected their land. It is true that the word needs to get out. Through the Anthology, which sounds magnificent, a child created by the creative and determined mind, heart and soul of Niamh Clune will be an expression of Sahel as told through the creativity of poems, photographs, paintings, music and the strength of all who contributed to its total creation. We must spread the word. Draw people to the cause of Sahel and The Anthology Song of Sahel. The Event will take place on Sept. 15th. 24hrs around the clock. I am posting this message along with the Reblog of this post on my blog site. The Secret Keeper – Jennifer Kiley ps, Your fantastic creation of The Anthology Song of Sahel Niamh Clune and all who helped in putting all of this together is a remakable feat.

Dr Niamh's Children's Books

When I began this project 5 months ago, I never imagined how it would take over my life…

My husband had been called upon to offer his expertise to Plan International in Niger, where they were setting up refugee camps to cope with those pouring across the Malian border in hopes of escaping the civil war. Niger could ill afford these exiles, as it was already starving.

I have written several blogs on-the-plum-tree about the situation in Niger and about Doug’s time there, so no need to repeat, as those of you who are interested in the details can read them in my archives.

Song Of Sahel developed because my Plum Tree group of poets responded to hearing about Doug’s activities in Sahel. Wayne Tolbert was the first of the poets to respond by posting a poem of great feeling and beauty in the group. I decided to send out the call…

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