She Cuts Up Her Novels For Song Of Sahel Art Auction!

written blog post by Niamh Clune

Move over Van Gogh! Marta contributes her art design for Plum Tree Books and now has donated to the Auction for Sahel on Sunday Sept. 16th. Follow back on Reblog to find out more information…

…Maria’s light and dark hands reach for the same thing. I think this a great metaphor for our project, Song Of Sahel, which is about: the have’s and have not’s; those who dream; those who do not! These are just a few of the paintings to appear available at the Auction of Sunday Sept. 16th and don’t forget the Event and unveiling of the Anthology Song of Sahel. Both benefit the people of Sahel. Come join us. Check for more information by following back to original blog page. Thank you. the secret keeper

Niamh Clune

Some of you will recognize this distinctive style. It is that of Marta Pelrine Bacon’s. She is the mystical lady who has allowed us to use her art to create the ‘look’ of Plum Tree Books. I have plastered Marta’s drawings all over our pages.

Marta tells me that she cuts up her novels to make her art. Well! That is one way of relieving editing angst! Working in pen and ink, I think Marta shows a distinctive and exceptional style. Marta is also a budding novelist. I hope she doesn’t cut up all her novels, as Plum Tree Books will have nothing to publish!

This is such a happy picture. Have you ever seen a bunny sleeping in a tree? If not, why not? Marta’s work is magical and you will see much more of it in some of the children’s books we will be producing. Now wouldn’t this drawing look…

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A Letter Never Opened-A Poem Never Seen

A Letter Never Opened
A Poem Never Seen
by jennifer
april 10th, 2011

My Spirituaal Guardian Animal

An extremely close friend talked to me about what I had written about my former therapist abandoning me in my post where I said that there was nothing remaining of my feelings for you. The post was “Goodbye To Love.” I was harsh and felt hurt and felt anger or rage toward you, it was easier to feel than the sadness and pain I feel from your loss. We will probably never see each other again, even though in less then 3 months we are allowed to contact each other again The APA curfew is lifted around Thanksgivng. But I don’t think there is any future for us and I imagine you will come to the same conclusion if haven’t already. But I cannot say goodbye without you symbolically reading this final letter and poem that I wrote to you almost two years ago which you have never read nor seen. I publish this now more for my own catharsis then for any other reason. It is my way of saying a final goodbye to you. Jennifer ps. You never did accept that I was Jennifer but I am. So this is goodbye from Jennifer Kiley, the person who I am now and becoming. Goodbye M…, I really loved you with all my heart. I include our final song, “You Raise Me Up” which I gave to you when we actually said goodbye in person.

Sunday: 4.10.11 @5:45pm
Dear M…

I have wanted to say this to you since we accidentally met on 3.22.11. Maybe accidentally is not an accurate word to describe that day. It was more serendipity: (a seeming gift for finding something good accidentally) to the point I have wanted to give you a more accurate answer to the question you asked me: (paraphrased) does seeing me make you feel grounded? I answered you: no followed by saying something to the effect that seeing you was a way of my checking out my reality to see who you really were and who I was. After having time to reflect on my answer I realized I was trying not to engage in my feelings when I saw you. Ever since that day I have thought about that moment when I had time to reflect. The words that have been repeated over in my mind and that I wanted to tell you almost right away but didn’t , they are: “you do ground me.” These may not seem powerful words to you but to me they signify everything about our relationship and the sadness that it had to come to an end. Last night I rewrote a poem changing it entirely from its original and came up with what I enclose here in this letter. I credit the rewriting and editing to Jennifer. That is who I feel I am now more than anyone else inside of me. The words make me tear up but they speak of the finality of our relationship as therapist and client. That exists no longer and to me that is very sad. Working with you meant more to me than anything but I have established a good relationship with D… that is working beyond what I thought was possible. In my mind, heart and soul you shall always remain my muse (the spirit that is thought to inspire a poet or other artist; source of genius or inspiration) and the woman who returned love and emotions back into my life. What the future shall bring to our lives is a mystery. I still want to maintain a connection with you through D…(that did not happen). I cannot bear to totally let you go. I will always love you. Namaste! Jennifer

Ps: the poem follows

My Child’s Spiritual Animal

a friend lost forever
rewritten and edited
by jennifer

to others you were a therapist,
a mother, or a friend
to me you were all these things
on my side till the very end.

I remember it like yesterday
you held me in your arms
you said come here
right where you stood
and kept me safe from harm.

I came to see you twice a week
a scared and broken child.
Your words of reassurance came
spoken gently and so mild.

You held me in her arms
and finally in your heart
it was at that very moment
I knew as friends we’d never part.

And now the day has come
I face my painful reality
your kind words remain within my heart
but your face I will never see.

I came to you not knowing
what I’d find or what it would cost
now I know the price I will pay
is a friend forever lost.

Thank you M… for all the things you did for me. I am missing you now more than you could ever know and will go on missing you always and forever.

Sunday: 4.10.11 @5:33pm
Dear M…

I have wanted to say this to you since we accidentally met on 3.22.11. Maybe accidentally is not an accurate word to describe that day. It was more serendipity: (a seeming gift for finding something good accidentally). (never finished this note, if I had I would have added the five word statement:
“You Do Ground Me M…”

You Raise Me Up-Josh Groban

More Beautiful Art Seducing Your Participation in Song Of Sahel Auction!

I’m excited about The Anthology and The Auction. This post I reblogged was written by Niamh Clune, who brought together through some help from others, The unveiling of The Anthology Song of Sahel and the Auction, all to raise awareness and funds to support the cause of Sahel. It should be an exciting weekend. I am also looking forward to the live Radio Show and the Interview with you Dr. Niamh Clune. That should definitely be one of the major highlights of the Event and of the entire weekend ending late on Monday, if I am correct. Thank you for all of your work Niamh. You’re a real Trooper. A.L. Jennifer ps. And don’t think I have forgotten any of the real Helpers behind the scenes. You know who you are and so does Niamh and I am sure you feel greatly toward the success of Song of Sahel in all its aspects.

Niamh Clune

Do you see what I mean about the exquisite art that is being auctioned by Plum Tree Books’ artists for Song Of Sahel on September 16th? Oh! I love Susie Bertie’s Geisha. She looks like a Goddess too doesn’t she? She is voluptuous and gorgeous, full of longing and promise. And wouldn’t she look great on your wall? Although the style is influenced by Art Nouveau, Susie’s Geisha reminds me greatly of the Pre-Raphaelites and William Morris’ wonderful, flowery wallpapers and designs that gave rise to a whole movement of designers and artists in the UK.  He founded a design firm in partnership with the artist Edward Burne-Jones and with the poet and artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti, which profoundly influenced the decoration of English churches and houses into the early 20th century.

I hope Susie doesn’t mind my being fanciful with her painting and assuming associations with her style.  But her Geisha…

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