the edge or the ledge

the edge or the ledge
by the secret keeper
Subject Matter

Hell Fire by Deviant Art

the edge or the ledge
by the secret keeper

the edge is approaching
am I moving toward it
or is it moving toward me
no matter I try to leave behind
that life that holds a claim
on my soul

I get possessed by a trance
you visit my nightmares
with demands coming from you
don’t let go until I have one last chance
to tear at your flesh
with my greedy hands

your body is mine
to devour in my own time
even if I must come back
from the dead to claim what is mine
I made you-I own you

I gave you to every one of them
they wanted you-you were my gift
in return they gave me a pact
with the devil to have you
when you dreamed

so you would never know
you were hypnotized
in a drama trauma state
you had no idea at all
of what we really did to you

you were our sacrifice
our virgin that we each had
in our own way
in our own time
nothing you could do

you didn’t even know
only the members of the pact knew
all sworn to secrecy
it was the safety of the secret
that allowed us to be free

to do everything to you
that you could ever
possibly imagine
no innocent imagination
can go to those corners

a sexual hell
that we forcefully
took you to
and one or more at a time
we raped every part of you

not just your body
but your mind
and your soul
taking the soul
was the most enjoyable

your spirit guardians
had no power over us
no matter how loud
you screamed
you belonged to us

no protection spell
would keep us out
of your body
it was ours
we broke into
every part of you

until it was
completely contaminated
so that no love
or loving gentle caress
could ever break the spell

we bound you for eternity
your soul is owned by us
the blackness of the dark side
that part of you that feels rage
is owned by the dark force

that controls you
day or night
it happens when you
don’t understand what
is happening to you
Satan owns you

no power is strong enough
to exorcise you from our power
it is an infinite power
that goes beyond the time
and space of the universe

it exists outside of what exists here
no one enters that realm without
invitation from the dark force
the dark force wanted you
and claimed you at the moment
of your conception

you were set for sin forced upon you
you fool you never had any control
no power to stop it
it was your destiny
it owned you always

it will continue to control you
your future friends
they will not be able to break
the curse that has travelled
with you through several returns

you have many more to go
your new friend with the power
she will attempt to stand up
for you but she will be fought with
tell her to back off

you don’t need her
you don’t want to see her hurt
to face defeat we are stronger
with her we will last longer
then both your powers combined

but you haven’t a clue
how to use it-give it up now
back away
know when you are a slave
live your life as you should
obey our rules-give in

don’t be good
or we will see you die
if you won’t give in
to what is ordered of you
you won’t remember who
controls you-just obey.

welcome to my nightmare-alice cooper

when i wrote this piece i was in a full blown trance which is only beginning to wear off. it is my nightmare and it feels as real as anything that is happening in the world of reality we live in when we appear to be conscious. this is a nightmare but the truth is out there but it lives in hell. if there is an actual hell as is written in dante’s the divine comedy.
~the secret keeper~

Black and White Magic

This is a thrilling story of powers unfolding. There is more to come. Black and White magic, it only makes sense that they exist in this vast universe. There is always the Spanish Inquisition. The photograph is amazing and your cat speaking to you. You tell the story so perfectly. Jennifer ps. Go to this site for the rest of the story. It is fascinating. You will enjoy it.

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