Thought Provoking Blog Award

A Thought Provoking Blog Award

The Secret Keeper

Has been nominated for a “Thought Provoking Blog Award” by

A Thought Provoking Blog Award

The rules of the award are as follows :

1. Thank the person who nominated you and write a blog about it.

2. Share seven things about yourself.

3. Pass the award on to five blogs you enjoy.

4. Post the image on your blog.

Many thanks to Ahmrita from Ahmrita Natural Mental Health blog for a thourougly thought provoking blog and for nominating my fledgling blog.

Seven things about myself

1. Love: I found love from my grandmother when I was a child but no one else loved me. I felt rejected by everyone and never felt special to anyone but my grandmother. When she died I felt totally isolated. I got involved in the theatre in school and lived inside of that world while living inside of my head. I tried not to let what the rest of the world was doing to me stop me from staying alive inside. It was a struggle but I held out until I finally found someone to help me when I was 19 years old. That was my first psychotherapist. Before she came along I tried to commit suicide several times. Without love there came a point where it didn’t feel like I had anything or anyone to live for.

2. Imagination: All forms of imagination should be encouraged and when a teacher feels the compulsion to punish a student for daydreaming they should reconsider and instead encourage this behavior. I was a daydreamer when I was in school. I was always staring out the window and going to all sorts of imaginary places in my mind. And sure enough, I was always drawn back into the classroom where a great deal of the time what was going on there was boring.

3. Creativity: Everyone should be encouraged to find a way to be creative, if only for the shear pleasure of the experience. It should be a mandatory part of the educational system. I feel I have been creative since the time I was a small child but never received any encouragement to pursue it but I did it on my own and taught myself how to play musical instruments, to sing and write songs, to draw, to write, art was taught in school and I loved to paint. I feel being creative has kept me alive.

4. Animals: I beleive that animal abuse should be punished on the same level as child abuse and other forms of abuse. Someone who abuses is not going to stop unless they are stopped. I have loved animals since I was very little. I had a pet crow who use to follow me when I would ride my bike and he would come down from a tree when I snapped my fingers and land on my arm. We would also play in the grass and roll around together. He was a bit of a thief. He like sparkly things. I found his stash one day in the hole of a tree. He had all sorts of gold objects and coins. My mother gave him away and the people couldn’t keep him away from me but he was killed trying to get back to me by the neighbor’s cat. So many of my animals were taken away from me when I was a kid by my mother. She sent them to be killed. I now have a family of one human and 3 kittens, 6 cats, 2 chinchillas, 2 rats, 2 degues, and one Amazon parrot that is my best buddy. She lived in an abusive, neglectful situation until she was given to my family. She is now free to fly inside only. And spends most her time hanging out with me while I do my writing or whatever.

5. Children: I am an advocate against child abuse of any kind. Having endured it throughout my whole childhood I realize we all need to be more vigilant in bringing awareness to the fact it is happening more often then we realize and that a child when they grow up live with that pain inside of them for the rest of their lives. Those who abuse children should be removed from society. Listen and observe any child you know and notice if suddenly something about them changes radically. Find out the signs to look. Help and believe a shild if they say that someone is abusing them. Anyone can be an abuser. From children to adults, they can be the one abusing a child.

6. Mental Health: I believe in psychotherapy for everyone. I feel it would lead to an understanding between all people. I have been in psychotherapy since I was 19 yrs old. It has been there for me to help me understand myself and to keep me alive. You learn trust and eventually, if you have the right therapist, you can talk to them about anything. I have gone from someone who had no idea about how to talk to another person to being able to have great conversations with other people. I am also not afraid to be open and honest about who I am. The worst thing that people do to each other is to force them into keeping secrets about terrible things that have happened to them or to someone else. Certain secrets aren’t meant to be kept secret. I learned that the hard way. I never told the secrets of my abuse to anyone when it was happening. When I was a child I was afraid, I was threatened that I would die if I told. You need to find someone safe to tell your secrets to. Children especially need to be encouraged by someone safe that they can talk about anything with them.

7. Peace: I want to believe that some day the world can find peace. I try in my own life to be gentle with people and animals and to encourage people to be kind and gentle with each other. But at the same time I do stand up for what is important and will not allow someone who is damaging to me or anyone to be allowed to get away with treating people or animals in a cruel and bullying manner. That cannot be tolerated. But if all find tolerance with each other we will send a ripple effect across the whole world that will encourage supportive behavior from all who are able to be effected by positivity.

Do not feel you have to write such expansive things about the seven things about yourself.

Five blogs I enjoy

This is tricky, to say the least and I will have to borrow Ahmrita’s presenter’s eloquent words “there are a number of blogs worthy of this award. If you aren’t mentioned don’t think you’re not important to me”.

These five blogs I enjoy, I nominate for ” A Thought Provoking Blog Award.”

These blogs are well deserving of this award.

Participation in the rules of this award are up to you.

Thank you Ahmrita for this opportunity to be recognized and to recognize others for their talents and gifts.

You are not obligated to do anything. You may just accept this honour. But if you do want to spread this honour forward that is your choice.

19 thoughts on “Thought Provoking Blog Award

    • You were a given to receive this award for all the imagination that goes into your posts and into your blog. I am so supportive of your endeavors to fight for the cause of Song of Sahel. Your reaching out to help promote creactivity and your support of those who need encouragement. Your validation of those who question their own capabilites is remarkable. It was my desire that you receive this nomination from the moment I found this surprise in my own post We Are The World. That is the way you are in caring about people with all your generosity of spirit, you are all inclusive of everyone from all over the world. So, it is my pleasure to pay this award forward to you. A.L. Jennifer ~the secret keeper~


    • You are welcome. I so enjoy the posts on your blog. They are thought provoking and sometimes there are ones that make me laugh and giggle. You have a firm grasp of what thinking is and what imagination is. You, also, are so brilliant with words and how to concisely use them to create meaningful and knowledgable posts then causes the reader to expand their own minds through your writing, Jennifer


    • I wanted so much to include you in the group of five. Your poetry is amazingly deep and causes a person to see a different perspective on the thoughts you bring up in your poems. Thank you for your generous words about me.They have touched my heart. You are truly a good person and I am so happy that we have met. Jennifer


    • Being honest and direct can become catagious. What I try to do is to effect others with my openness in hopes it may give someone else the courage to find that in themselves.

      Nominating you was something I felt you deserved, You bear your soul in your posts also. In your poems and prose or just writing about what you are feeling. You are a good role model for me and have helped me in many ways. More than you know.

      Jennifer ♥

      ps I must say I do goof around also. Which can be quite amusing for me and hopefully for others, also.


  1. Hi Jennifer. Thanks for nominating me for this award too. I am very touched and honoured. It was also fantastic to browse the other blogs that you enjoy, a stepping stone into more of the unexplored blogging universe. 🙂


    • The first post I read on your blog blew me away. You are so inciteful and your blending philosophical thought throughout your analysis is inspiring. It is such a divine universe, the world of the blog, esp. on wordpress. I am amazed each time i venture forth and investigate what others are writing about or those who post art or photography or almost anything is truly an amaizing adventure. And you are welcome and wholly deserved the nomination and the Thought Provoking Blog Award. Jennifer


  2. Congratulations on this well-deserved award, Jennifer! You inspire and compel your readers with you perceptions and insights. May all happiness now be yours. This, is the best of blogging…opening your heart and not being afraid to let it bleed so that others may gain courage.


    • I wish I were able to have seen what your blogging posts were like. You are an inspiration for me with your art and poetry and your generosity of giving and sharing your love with the special people in your life. Thank you always for your encouraging words. When I told you before I left my poem of how your painting spoke to me, that I was leaving the security of my blog, I was speaking the truth. I, somehow, feel a certain safeness here. That I can be open. Is it an illusion? I don’t think so. We all want to hear somebody elses truth. I think that it helps us open up to our own or at least makes us braver to take a chance of looking deeper inside our selves to find out what is going on. There is a certain amount of bleeding that is done but the blood letting releases the toxins that are poisening us all. We all give each other courage. It is too bad that you don’t want to do this any longer. For the life of me, I have no idea how I wandered into this world except to say that I fell down the rabbit hole one day and I woke up here and had no idea where or what I was doing. But suddenly, I just started to write and then more developed from there. Now it is addicting. It does give you courage and you find some of that courage from reading other peoples blogs that you follow and I do hope that something that I do on my blog makes a difference not just for me. I think honestly that it does and those same people do the same for me. So many of them engage me and I find the gems on their sites which are so inspiring. It’s like a marvelous creative underground of artists or all shapes and sizes. You can find anything that you are interested in reading or looking at. It is just such an amazing world. That felt good to say all of that. Thank you. Once again you have inspired me and it makes me feel good. Love, Jennifer


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