Story Behind “Images on Song of Sahel”

Story Behind “Images on Song of Sahel”
Images on Song of Sahel
Post by Dr. Niamh Clune

The following is my response to the blog post “Images on Song of Sahel” and the creating of the Anthology of Song of Sahel. For further information and to discover the woman behind the whole project please go to this link:

Comment Written
By Jennifer Kiley
August 30th, 2012
The Image was created by
Dr. Niamh Clune

The Anthology Cover

We Are the Voice-Niamh Clune with daughter Aleisha Shimizu

In a monumental endeavor Niamh Clune’s brainchild to create an Anthology for Song of Sahel was an extraordinary accomplishment on her part. She faced the challenge wholeheartedly. It has taken almost every moment of her time and her devotion to Sahel as her focus to pull this enormous project together. It should be an exciting unveiling on Sept 15th on Facebook to see what the Anthology has grown into being. It is filled with art, music, poems, prose, photographs and much more. I haven’t seen the work of art that is the Anthology but I’ve heard many wonderful things about it. Sahel is in grave need of our HELP. Their soil is ruined from a continuous drought and the children, families and people of Sahel are starving and dying. The Anthology for Song of Sahel was Niamh Clune’s way of putting together something artistically created specifically devoted to all forms of art from music, paintings, poems, prose, photography and more focused on Sahel. She was devoted to this project practically 24 hours a day if not on some days longer than that. There were some people that helped her. I will leave that to Dr. Clune to thank them. Presently, I would like to draw attention to the creative talent and energy of Dr. Niamh Clune. Her blog “ontheplumtree” has many posts strictly devoted to Sahel but she goes so beyond in her talents. She is a writer, a poet, a musician, a visual artist, a publisher, CEO and Founder of Plum Tree Books, and so much more. Please follow your curiosity to her blog site and discover for yourself how profound a woman Dr. Niamh Clune actually is. Find out what other projects Plum Tree Books are involved in that are trying to create an environment for people of all ages. Whether reader or writer or artist or any one who enjoys an adventure. Follow the link below to investigate for yourself. Seek out something new. Lastly, I want to say that Song of Sahel the Anthology is having an unveiling on September 15th on Facebook lasting for 24 hours. GO to the ontheplumtree site to find out further information. I will tell you there will be a live radio broadcast with live music, readings, an interview with Dr. Niamh Clune and much much more. SO mark your calender and follow the link for more information.

8 thoughts on “Story Behind “Images on Song of Sahel”

    • It is you who is generous beyond belief. As a friend I wanted to do this for you and for how hard you worked to put The Event, The Anthology together and for how much you care for the people of Sahel and those of the world who are in harms way, especially the children. My child especially thanks you for all the care that she has received from you. This is only a small portion of what you have earned and deserve from me without your looking for any reward but to be cared about and that you definitely are by me and many many others. A.L, Jennifer


  1. What a beautiful post, Jennifer, such a marvelous tribute to Niamh Clune and to those involved with the cause she brought to our hearts, SOS Sahel. Fabulous job of raising awareness, dear Jennifer.


    • You know how much I care about Niamh. She is so very special to me. I want to see that all her efforts are recognized. I know that you feel the same. She is a remarkable woman with so much genius and talent, And the deepest of hearts, she brought Song of Sahel to us to create something so special, to help so many in dire need of help from where ever it would come. Thank you for your support of Niamh and your hard work. I am just trying to do whatever I am able to do to give support. I want to see Song of Sahel the Anthology succeed and I want to see the fund of Song of Sahel SoS receive much needed funds to help the children and the people that deserve more than just a chance at life, but a successful life of health and well being. Thank you Cher, I really appreciate your generous words and your encouragement. Jennifer


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