Images of Song of Sahel

There are so many words to describe Niamh Clune but I think I will let her speak for herself in this instance. She has written a post about the Images for Song of Sahel. I’ve mentioned this everytime I have posted in one form or another. It is an extremely important venture that will aid the children, families and people of Sahel to have food so they will not starve. Their land is ruined from a continuous drought. The children are dying from starvation. They have so little in their small bodies to fall back on. So it doesn’t take much for their bodies to fail quickly. Niamh Clune came up with this project of an Anthology and Auciton to raise funds to help. Now I turn over to Dr. Niamh Clune to explain in her own words through this Reblog of her post Images for Song of Sahel. Follow back on the reblog link to read further on what she has written on her blog “ontheplumtree” about Song of Sahel and discover more. There are also many other Creative Projects that she speaks of and she is an author of several books that I, myself, possess that I am reading and rereading because there is so much subtance and creativity in her imagination and in the non-fiction books, the depth of knowledge teaches you different ways of viewing yourself and the world. And an anthology on the entitlement of children to have innocence. Learn about this polymathic artist in more detail and find something new to discover about the generosity and creative talent of this marvelous woman Dr. Niamh Clune. by Jennifer Kiley

Niamh Clune

I have been extraordinarily busy in preparation for this event. I don’t think I realised just how much work would be involved when I started this project. First, there is the announcing of it, the call to poets, the hours spent interacting through social media sending out the message in the hope that it might grow wings.

Once people begin to respond, projects take on a life of their own. People become inspired, begin to share your post to their own blog, add their own words, share to their Facebook pages. The poems began flooding in. At this point, I asked a good facebook friend of mine, Wayne Tolbert, and a member of my Plum Tree Group, if he would mind keeping track of the poems. Some came in with accompanying pictures; many did not. My inbox is so cluttered (I am one of those people who do not file things away neatly), that…

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