Bring Out The Dragons

Bring Out The Dragons
By Jennifer Kiley

Dragon Heart

Colours Tripping Through The Universe Spreading Magic

bring out the dragons

remove the veil
uncover the truth
not always as
it is written

what you read
are words
with ideas
by the author

it may be truth
in fiction
or lies
in the mind
of the mis-believer

create a story
maybe it is your own
or stolen by trolls
who wish for
cursed endings

what most decent
people want
is a fairy tale
with a real ending
with many
new beginnings

when a door closes
it doesn’t mean
that it isn’ t
just the end of
one chapter

as we know
most tales
have different
and many endings
but we continue
entering a fresh
start into
brand new

yet the characters
are the same
but with more wisdom
bringing a grande
newness to grow into

love doesn’t end
it just develops
into something
more special
with a deeper

a deeper love
maybe even
something never
experienced by anyone
before now

just trust that truth
will bring out the dragons
to protect you
and defend you
against the trolls

they will make you safe
they always have
however sometimes
we don’t
always notice

dragons symbolize
the tidings of promise
and change
for the advancement
of newness
and discovering
of treasures
not always made of gold
but of loved renewed
and intimacy refound
or discovered
for the first time

a gentleness
born from trust
and patience
move slowly
with this new love
treat it gently
it may then
last forever

that is what
the wise one
would convey
in all her dreams
of ideas
rooted in her
mythical knowledge
of the old ways
where honor
was trusted
and evil
and cast out

evil shall exist
only on the periphery
in this story
love eternal
shall dominate
in all its purity
and goodness
melting hearts
with melodies
and flowers
adorning the heads
of all beloveds

life at peace
with the self
enjoying all the senses
celebrating love
in all its

at this time
one may rest
and reflect
on all the goodness
and depth of love

and share
it with all
the lovers
who believe
in the dream
which sleep
may give
ere too

Puff the Magic Dragon-Peter Paul & Mary

5 thoughts on “Bring Out The Dragons

    • hi bipolarmuse, i miss writing to you. saw your lady casually dressed. she was into some interesting posing. quite the braveness in you. the veil that covers truth is fear i think sometimes. beginning if anyone can tell the truth if it hit them in the face. right now i am in a mixed state. giddy & dancing all day to one direction “what’s make you think you’re beautiful?” something like that. it was a good day. and i should feel fine now. what i need is a script of some medicinal marijuana for bipolars that get their moods mellowed out. let me be creative. don’t take that away from me but get me off this roller coaster. it makes me confused and stupid in the head. i am tired of all this up and down. just get me to a place where there is some balance but not with what i feel for me are poison. i have such bad reactions to meds.

      those four lines of my poem are my favorite. i go on a mind trip throught the rest of the poem. it does make sense but you have to allow for the abstraction of my mind. i showed my s/o a haiku i wrote tonight. i had written 19 the other day but thought it was twenty. i needed 20. balance for a series. so this new one, after she read it she told me that it sounded like i just put an assortment of words on a page but she didn’t get the sense of it. i know it needed editing but it made sense in my mind. i knew exaccty what i was trying to say.

      like you said a while back in haiku you really get to the point pretty much right away. you need to be so exacting. i am so loving writing haiku. i do mix it up but i am preferring the challenge of haiku. i love playing with words and trying to express what i am thinking about a specific thought or idea or experience and try to say it in 5-7-5. it is very satisfying once you get the basic formula written down. it’s when you perfect it, that’s when it becomes real fun. the haiku i wrote tonight was about a rather serious situation that happened which was frightening. i felt a need to put it into words. i wanted to somehow punish the person who was such a brute. in my mind he’s sleeping with the fishes as far as i’m concerned. only in my mind.

      i don’t know how you do it. the last week was a disaster zone. it felt like my life was an actual hurricane of events then never seem to find an ending in sight. it just keeps going.

      this is going to end up on my post. better be less specific. let me ask you and you can answer me in an email if you’d like. what do you think causes the triggers that make you not want to sleep and what makes you drop off of a high into the deepest depressions? think about it. i’m kind of fighting this feeling right now and i am not sure what to do.

      maybe i should write a poem or something. i have been having a hard time going to bed. i have spent more time awake then going to bed and going to sleep. in a weeks time slept two short nights.

      moods go up and down
      i need to be strong now must
      someone needs my trust

      there you go haiku
      my life runs away sometimes
      reality’s pain

      this could get schizo
      rhyming time is going sane
      then insane you are

      stop me from this rhyme
      it will could drive me insane
      if i don’t stop now

      it comes seconds now
      one two three i can see me
      depressed sham i am

      die i don’t want too
      so take leave of me for now
      let me live somehow

      is my head backwards
      thinking only words alone
      songs come home with me

      lost inside my head
      the room is too lonely now
      i hear only me

      i am going to stop now and realize that i am getting lost again. my connections are slipping away. the music and writing sometimes are the only things that keep me connected. i don’t really know what to do. is the lack of sleep catching up to me. friends and s/o and everyone tell me i am going to crash up against a wall and it’s going to hit me when i least expect it.

      it’s after 6am. i better try to go to bed and sleep or write some more. or read something while i listen to some music on my mp3.

      thanks for listening. i hope i haven’t totaly freaked you out. goodnight, jennifer


  1. I am not freaked out at all Jennifer. Anytime you email me, just go to my blog and comment on something saying you left me an email so I can go through them and find yours. I get so much in my inbox that it is hard to weed through them at times. I love your Haikus… very good. I hate that you are in a mixed state… I remember all to well what that feels like.
    I am going to answer you in an email my friend. Try to keep your mind together and keep writing… it is good therapy. ♥


    • you are so amazing. thank you. i will look for your email. doing better today. i just am becoming addicted to writing haiku poetry. i wish my state would allow for medicinal marijuana for bipolar treatment. it is suppose to help. thanks for the heads up on leaving a message. keep on writing goes “ditto”—“Ghost”…<3


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