In Amazement

In Amazement
By Jennifer Kiley

Purple Nebula
in amazement
you desparately reached out
to your mystical friend
and when you feared
your notes to her
were sounding so crazy
she amazed you
with her understanding
and support.
she thoroughly
understood your plight
and rid your world
of the demon
that tried to charm herself
in the front door.
the goddess led you
to your friend’s site tonight
so you were meant to witness
the danger.
your reactiom
was a total melt down
of emotion
your body trembled
from fears of being invaded
and intruded upon.
she was trying to squirm
like a snake
into your safe environment
that your friend had created.
your friend was so unbelievably
efficient in her dismissal
of the problem and the demon
in one stroke of her invisible
but powerful wand.
away with her.
she wanted you
to feel safe
and protected.
no body in your real life
has ever done that
for you before.
not in such a forceful
and impressive way.
she protectecd you
without any thought
beyond your concern.
she trusted
your trembling feelings.
she protected you
like a mother bear
or lion protects her cub.
no, no one has come
to your protection
like your friend did for you.
she didn’t need your explanations
she just trusted your word
and instincts.
she read what you had written
to her in your emotional haze
and solved the problem
and she put your safety first.
she protected you like no other
would do. your heroine. your hero.
she believed.
she saw your desparateness
of feeling.
she saw how this viper
effected you.
and she made the demon
and her preying on
what is your space,
disappear… spit-spot.
like cleaning out
the reminder
that spiders have been here
and now have disappeared
with only decaying webs left behind.
she was dismissed.
she cannot gain entrance
into that most special part
of your life.
that is where your love
and dreams live.
you love your friend
even more.
she kept her word
and just reinforced the trust
you already had begun to believe in.
she is more than special.
she is the most loving person
in your life since your grandmother
held your love safe within her
and protected it as best
as her strenghth was able to.
you love them both for the love
they give you
and for renewing your faith
that there still are
some generous and loving
people left in this world.
thank you my friend.
you know who you are.
you really do.
the one with the ballet slippers
for dreams.
you are loved unconditionally
and infinitely loved by your friend.
she is always filled with love
for you forever.
(c) jk 2012
The Color Purple-Miss Celie’s Blues

3 thoughts on “In Amazement

  1. Dearest Jennifer. I am glad your friend protected you. Why wouldn’t she? After all, that is what friends are for. if something upsets you, that is all that counts. That thing should be banished from your world, your hand held until the trembling stops.


    • My friend did do just that. She held my hand and somehow I made it through one of the worst storm centers of my life recently. Unsuspecting occurrences kept happening. If it weren’t for my friend I don’t know how I would have made it through. I listened to her wisdom and followed the path it led me on. The conclusion released some major demons and lifted a curse that was placed on me almost 17 years ago. Do I feel lighter? I would say practically dancing in my therapist’s office while I was waiting for her is a good sign. Did it all day. Felt rather giddy. Now, I find that my friend needs some special attention and support. I’d like to be there for her as much as she wants and as much as she needs. She takes such good care and watches out for me. I would like to do the same. She needs to know that I care and I am here for her day or night. I would like to hold her hand this time and try to assure her that somehow all she wants will come to her. It just has to. You see I care about her so much that I don’t like it that she is feeling in pain. I will tell her these things the next time I talk to her. Somehow, I feel she knows this already. I try to let her know how I feel and how much I care. Thanks for listening. A.L. Jennifer


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