Goodbye To Love

Goodbye To Love
By Jennifer Kiley
Written 8.23.12

The Magical Mystical Purple Butterfly

goodbye to love

you are now in my past.
i have released my soul
from our connection.
a formal exorcism.
you are no longer responsible
for anything i feel.

who thought i would
ever let you go.
in three months from today
would be our day of freedom.
what does it mean to me now?
this may sound cold but nothing.

you destroyed any possible
future we ever could have developed.
you betrayed my trust.
you couldn’t forsake the rules
for love or passion.
your money and your position
came before my love.
you demonstrated
your true nature.

how could i have been
so wrong about you.
now i finally see
what a true friend is
and how they care for you.
i care for them just as equally.
i would do anything for them.
anything at all.
that is what you call
unconditional love.

you are a true republican.
how i could have cared
for a republican?
what was i thinking.

did April’s memory
ever occur to you
when you stuck your knife
into my heart.
you fatally wounded me.
you hurt every part of me
that was real.
i killed myself tonight
metaphorically speaking.
i said goodbye to love
on a stairway to heaven.

i have already started over.
someone cares about all of me
and accepts me for all that i am
in all my imperfections.
she honestly cares.
i love her.
she is my friend.

she is the first person
in my whole life
that actually protected me
without my having to ask her.
she just wanted to assure me
that i was safe
and would always be
safe with her.
she is the truest friend
i have ever had in my life.

i will make sure
that she is always protected
and safe also.
i will not allow anyone
to hurt her.
if it is in my power
i will always make sure
she is safe.
that is how strongly
i feel about her.

she is so very special to me
and she is not afraid
of my love.
or that i tell her
“i love you.”

as i said,
she accepts
all of me.
all my thoughts.
all my feelings.

she is a magical
mystical person
she is the most
special person
in the world
to me.

Let It Be Album-Beatles

Tears In Heaven-Eric Clapton

5 thoughts on “Goodbye To Love

    • hi tahir, you know me well. when i write i feel sometimes my heart is being ripped apart inside of me. but it is the only way i know in how to release the pain and to exocise the demons that haunt us all. others call them by different names but there is a darkness that we all face in our lives. we need to accept that it is there before us and inside of us. thank you for your honest and direct words. jennifer


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