Abstraction: Time & Space Are One

Abstraction: Time & Space Are One
Haiku Written by Jennifer Kiley
Post Created by The Secret Keeper

Where Possible the Artist is Named

Abstract-Streak Lightening

Flashing bursts beams glow
Brightens night flying objects
What we are it is

Abstract Art-J.P. Yef

Spirit emerges
Energy touches expanse
Darkness gives forth light

Digital Art Fractal: Life Is Beautiful

Passionate approach
Delicate colours beckon
The powers resist

Colourful Abstract-Effect og Glass and Shards

Dragon conflicts turned
Perilous enterprise ends
Resurrection up

Blue Abstract

Fall through gravity
Chaos surfing is futile
Spatial dimensions

Abstract Art by Dmitry Stepanoff

Drawn into blue
Splash around in your head bang
Edges are cut sharp

Abstract WIth Colour

Swirling whirling dervish
Explosion of colours Wow
Past sunrise chanting


Hear powerful words
Tearful hearts of sweetest pain
Love back gives to you

4 thoughts on “Abstraction: Time & Space Are One

    • Wow, thank you. My s/o and I had a debate after I posted about the dragon image. I saw it as a spiritual transcendence and a release from the maligning throughout the ages and finally finding redemption. That’s not necessarily what we disagreed upon, it was actually where the head and body of the dragon were located. We didn’t see them the same way. But that’s art and we each see something special and sometimes differently. I liked your comment, Jennifer


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