Olympic Haiku

Olympic Haiku
Haiku Written by Jennifer Kiley
Created by The Secret Keeper

Gabby Douglas Going High for the Olympic Gold

Always look whole
Bright side of life before you
Shotting stars make wish

McKayla Maroney’s Jaw Dropping Vault

Touch down touch ground cheer
Slender piece of branch wins it
Tomorrow left you

Rockstar Usain Bolt

Wind pushes forward
Speed moves time slowly forward
Through space travel back

Fast and Furious Table Tennis

White toy kitty ball
Bats back return eye not seen
Time warp speed in space

Infinite Olympic Trampolining

Up down unbounded
Trapped in time no Dr. Who
Circular figure

Hope Solo’s Gold Metal Save

Kick it high touch net
Block retrieved ambition lost
Crush an orange juiced

Michael Phelps Very Last Time on Olympic Podium

Michael stood to repeat
Without defeat inside him
Water falls upward

One Moment In Time-Whitney Houston

Gone too soon adieu
Lifted to stars all with one
Remains no silence

Credit: buzzfeed for gifs.

5 thoughts on “Olympic Haiku

    • That is what you do my friend. You are blazing a trail that no one has travelled before. The fear from others is they still believe the world is round and you think it is paralleled and their are multi-universes and at least several infinities to contend with. You believe in the imagination and dreams. You are somebody. You are becoming something new all the time. Your gifts need recognition and to become Universally realized and part of the fabric of our culture and the future of our culture. I believe and so do many others. Listen to RWE. He has the forward idea. With all the love in the Universe I want to help give this to you. And we have friends who also want to help. I leave this here as a message to be discovered in due time. A.L. mj ps. like a time capsule.


    • J.A. those are rather familiar initials. She played Maria and Mary & I believe she could fly. Thank you for your wonderful words. I am so happy you enjoyed the Olympic moments. Made you smile. That seems a success to me. I love to make people feel good if possible. I kind of run the gamet of emotions on my posts. I do get intrigued with writing Haiku Poetry. It lets me play with words and cryptic mysteries trying to create a convoluted puzzle. It’s a challenge I find most pleasing. jennifer


    • i loved playing off of the atheletes as I created each Haiku. it was my way of honoring the Olympics and the atheletes and London, England for doing their best to bring joy to people. I have a few things to say about NBCs coverage on TV in the states but I won’t go there. Jennifer 😉


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