I’ve Loved You Before

I’ve Loved You Before
Created By The Secret Keeper
Poem Written by Jennifer Kiley

Love’s Abstraction

Fairy Tales
By Jennifer Kiley

once upon a time not far away
where water puts a distance
right in the middle of where we are
our lives have been given the love
of a real life fairy tale
shared by two intensely
close friends who still believe
in love and the dreams
found in fairy tales

to love and be loved
caring for you without being asked
feeling your presence
every minute
of every hour
of everyday
being concerned
and wondering are
you thinking of me
if only for one
of those minutes

embracing you in love
within my mind
with a gentle feeling
of honest love
an embrace of spirit
a quiet touch of reassurance
a soft hug to let you know
you are thought of
with genuine concern
and meeting your soul
with mine

creating a passion
felt in my heart
your power meets mine
and the exchange is
one of intimate recognition
of a unity of spirit

between your mind
and my soul
we communicate
our power of communion

my love shows a sign of caring
and wanting you to be present

trusting you is love
truth is what I speak to you
respect is wanting all for you
wisdom is knowing your genius
love is wanting to share
close feelings with you
to show you how much I care

Xena & Gabrielle-I’ve Loved You Before-Melissa Etheridge

4 thoughts on “I’ve Loved You Before

    • It is filled with need and longing, for the strength of my feelings live deep within me. I would climb mountains and cross oceans and sacrifice anything for this love I feel. This person is so special. She needs to be reminded of this. If I am able to offer my poetry in order to reveal the truth and she feels the love and depth of feelings I hold for her then I am a success, I love your words. You really understand the meaning of my words, I will continue to communicate what is inside my heart and my soul which will encompass my friend with the safety and protection she needs to enfold her in love and security. I hope that is alright with her that I want to protect her and I want to give her support in any way that I am able and in anyway that she needs me to. the secret keeper a.l., mj


    • my true answer is the person i am speaking to in my poem is someone who touches me so deeply that there are no words that have been created to describe how i feel. i try as carefully and freely as possible to create a metaphysical connection in the words i am able to find. it takes the spirit that moves within me to travel any distance to meet with her. she draws out the magic within me to cross any hieght or distance just to feel close to her. i hope she doesn’t object being loved by someone who seeks out a spiritual connection. I feel this closeness with her. It is also emotional and mental. Our relationship is so divine and filled with a meaningfulness that surpasses any other I have felt in my life.


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