We Are The World

We Are The Voice
Created By The Secret Keeper
Haiku By Jennifer Kiley

Ego Vs Eco

Egocentric self
Is John Galt alive?


Natures creation
Invisible universe
Hands across the pond

Bubbling Water

Puzzlement riddles skyward
Dark within the core

The Coming of the Feminine Christ
Written By Niamh Clune

Psyche directs words
Unconscious evil pain love
Timber breaks light scene

We Are The VoiceNiamh Clune

Click on the song title and be taken to a special creative blog post with a message about where you can help the children and people of the Sahel.

Click on the Musician and Author’s name Niamh Clune and be taken to her blog On The Plum Tree where you will find yourself amongst creative magic and posts on Song of Sahel and discover this very profound author of “The Coming of the Feminine Christ,” a book of our time. All 5***** reviews on Amazon.com and recently rereleased as an ebook for Kindle. Also, reviewed by Joss Landry on Goodreads

I have contributed a poem to the Anthology for the Song of Sahel. It is titled: “do i know what hunger is?” My answer would be, not in any way close to what the children and people of Sahel have experienced and continue to experience. The starvation and the soil that will not grow the crops they need to eat in order to survive. They need our help and they need it now.

Plum Tree Books

SPECIAL ATTENTION: Song of Sahel SOS Click to Learn More

Children cannot eat words; blinded by starvation, they cannot see pictures. Yet, we are calling on artists, poets, writers and photographers to join us in a Song Of Sahel. by Dr. Niamh Clune


11 thoughts on “We Are The World

    • Your words and your meaning genuinely move me. In answer to your question, anything you want.

      But I would like to say that the message you share is so deeply meaningful. What you sing in your video, people need to hear how vital it is to the planet and all living creatures and all of nature for action to be taken to save the planet.

      Thank you for allowing me to use your fantastic song on the video and to present your mystical and psychologically valid and extremely well researched book, that people need to read so they will gain an even deeper understanding of what is happening and will happen to the planet Earth, now and in the future. The time is now to read it and then take action to change the course in which the world is heading.

      Thank you for your contributions to help heal the world.You are a remarkable artist who is making a huge effort to spread the word through your work in writing and publshing and creating funds to help the starving children and people of the Sahel.

      The Secret Keeper-Jennifer

      On a more personal level, you are amazing as a writer and a genius and know how to put the power into words. There is so much depth in your gift. I recognize you and the world needs to take notice. You are trying to tell of an experience which has profoundly effected you and in “The Coming of the Feminine Christ” you are communicating what the future of the world will be if things do not drastically change. I know this is an over simplification but maybe someday when life settles down I could request that we do an interview for my blog where you can say in your own words what you would like people to know and why reading your book will help them to understand. I am in the middle of this book and it has opened my eyes but I want to wait until I am finished before I review it and all of your other books here on the secret keeper.

      So far I can say your writing is briliant and enlightening and has effected me in a profound way. I just started reading the chapter The Butterfly Effect in The Coming of the Feminine Christ. Many people have heard that term before, one small thing can have a cause and effect that can alter the whole world. If a group of butterflies in Mexico flapped their wings in unison they could cause a wind storm somewhere in the middle of the United States. The Science Fiction definition is that if you time travellerd back in time and altered one moment or thing in reality, leaving your footprint, you may not return to the future that existed when you left. In your book, your explanation is even more serious. It is important for people to know what you wrote in your book. It foretells a future that this planet is heading for and if the course doesn’t change then…you must read the book to find out the projected result. We must think of the children. Do we want to leave the kind of planet that ours is heading into? I wouldn’t think so.


        • You are an important voice. The Transcendent Experience needs revealing to the world. In your book “The Coming of the Feminine Christ.” It must have been a most difficult experience to translate into relateable language from something so spiritual, profound and mystical and may I say just on the shade overwhelming and a touch of frightening throw in. Someone or something needs to wake up the world from their apathy (I am not including everyone in the world by this statement only those who are apathetic and probably not reading this comment anyway) and energize people into the realization that the world is on its way to total Global Devastation.

          It would be my honour to speak with you and relate what you have to say to those who read my blog. It would be something I think they would find tremendously enlightening. jennifer ~the secret keeper~


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