That’s What Love Is For

That’s What Love Is For
Created By The Secret Keeper
Poetry By Jennifer Kiley

Pooh and Piglet

Hear your voice today
While I’m still in yesterday
No nonsense meaning


View reversing tears
Ascending indications
Beaming upside down

Genius Vs Insanity

Sane not I am so
When I’m crazy I think you’d know
Backwards here and down

Voices Within Me

In my head a sound
Divine madness I accept
Noiseless horses go

That’s What Friends Are For-Whitney, Stevie, Luther. Dionne

Plum Tree Books

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5 thoughts on “That’s What Love Is For

  1. I danced by the light of the moon, rain-soaked, yet on fire with creative passion. Isn’t this divine madness to revel under pinpricked sky, knowing the stars are holes in the raiment of the mother? She allows a glimpse behind her veil, Should she lift it, we would lose the limitations of mind and be consumed by her beauty. The Mother is kind to us.


    • You write most elegantly of The Mother. She wants to send these following words to you to ponder. She trusts that you know the translation. It may appear as non-sense but all clarity is in the sorting of the unconscious by entering into the realms that are usually closed off from anyones awareness. The barriers are there for a purpose but only the truly blessed can venture beyond certain points. It will be madness to most so don’t worry about your travels. You will be safe. Enter at will. Discover or not that which is contained in all of us to be known.

      The madness found in the divinity of creative passion drives you to an awareness not known to be easily absorbed by the minds of The Mother’s children. Losing the limitiations will transform us so The Mother protects us knowing she would lose those who carry the divine madness of openness to the unlimited ability to delve into the depths of creativity. It is a place of darkness and light. Either road can be travelled or both if you feel you have the strength to bring yourself back from the edge of the abyss that awaits you. Falling is so easy and unlike in dreams there is nothing from which to awaken. You are in the midst of the Truth of the Universe. Do you think your mind and unconscious can absorb the infinite depth of the complete unknown and The Mother’s secrets, they are beyond the infinite of infinite?

      Dance to the movement of the Music of the infinite Universe by the Light of the many Moons that orbit and glow down upon your opening mind from all around. They surround the space you have moved your body through and into by the rhythmic ballet steps you have invented along your cosmic journey. The Mother welcomes you, for you are one of her Genius children that have been touched with the blessing of Wisdom. Dance on, it is your calling. Through your dreams into the rainbow colours you find your mystical peace. The Mother has blessed you. It is an expansive blessing for one has much to learn through Divine Decree. It is through the opening in endless space of the mind that breaks through the barriers into the spirit which will lead you on the true journey to all places that exist in and out of space and time. The secret is there is no secret. It is all contained within our power to know everything but we have to be willing to open completely to the Ultimate Truth of who exactly is The Mother of the Universe. She is the key. Oh, did that get forgotten to be mentioned. One needs the Key. Where you find it is part of the secret that isn’t a secret. A.L. mj


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