Created By Jennifer Kiley
~The Secret Keeper~

Happy Birthday
I Wish I Could Give You
A Birthday Bear Hug
But I Guess These
Will Have To Do Instead.


words streaming…hidden meaning
~by jennifer kiley~

words…string together…
needing…definition…one with everything…
rebirth…meditate…find peace in breathe…
writing…star light…infinite space…
love…give…give to you…
dream…vision…woman…be yourself…
be one…love one…love all…in peace…
night…time…space…travel…all is one…
be here now…

kindred spirits
~by jennifer kiley~

long ago in times past we met
you were known to me as another
and I found in you a stranger
who I let into my life

you needed my help
it was offered and accepted
slowly your newness wore off
revealed was a gentle spirit
with the talent to move creation

you were a pagan, loving nature
we lived in hidden places
being searched out by danger
we ended protecting the other

finding closeness in our plight
guarded by protective spirits
we found solace in one another
your eyes watched over me
as mine watched over you

our closeness grew with time
our journeys had merged
out of safety and from love

our souls were joining
in mutual compassion
we became one

Love is…
by jayarrarr

Love walks a tightrope barefoot over a bottomless pit
engulfed in flames and never looks back.

Love conjures a smile through tears.

Love believes impossible things are possible.

Love is truth, and as such, is sometimes painful.

Love is necessary.

Love is the beauty that shines through cracks
in imperfectly broken things.

Love is hanging your arm out of an open car window
on a hot summer’s day road trip
and pretending to fly.

Love whispers “it gets better”.

Love makes you cry at weddings
and laugh at funerals.

Love pushes you, challenges you,
refuses to let you compromise.

Love never backs down no matter
how hard you fight.

Love is that one song you play over and over
a hundred times and never get tired of.

Love takes charge when you’ve lost all hope,
and makes sure you keep going.

Love thinks you’re amazing
and doesn’t give a fuck
how depressed, angry, ugly,
or stupid you feel.

Love is lightning bugs.

Love is spinning ‘round and ‘round
in circles until you fall down.

Love is the wave that knocks you off
your feet when your back is turned.

Love is stubborn,
and won’t take “no” for an answer.

Love is fearless.

Love is also blind, deaf, and dumb —
and that’s a good thing.

My Thoughts Are With You Today

Birthday Fairy In Magical Forest

I Just Called To Say I Love You-Stevie Wonder

USA Africa-We Are The World

Bette Davis Eyes-Kim Carnes

Bette Davis Eyes-Kim Carnes (visually more variety of images-prefer)

Plum Tree Books

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Children cannot eat words; blinded by starvation, they cannot see pictures. Yet, we are calling on artists, poets, writers and photographers to join us in a Song Of Sahel. by Dr. Niamh Clune


7 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU—8.11.12

    • I hope they received the message clearly. You rarely meet people like this person I did this post for. They are remarkable. It was Serendipity that brought us into the same place in time and space. I would say the spirits were working overtime to see that this meeting was going to happen. Sometimes it takes being hit in the head to realize what you have found. If you recognize the wonderment in someone and they see something familiar in you, that is unexplainable then it is each persons duty to follow the direction of the yellow brick road. It leads one on many adventures and into special people’s lives. This person’s life was meant to meet up with mine and I will always look on them as special and I am so fotunate to know them. To create his post was such a pleasure. Every moment a gift. I think and feel it shows that person how much they mean to me and how I feel about them. I hope they enjoyed what I was able to give them. I’ve only just begun. I am also blessed and lucky indeed myself to know somone so unique who wants to be part of my life. It is all oh so magical and mystical the way time and space work together to conjure up such a miracle.I believe if you clap your hands that Tinkerbell will survive.If you walk into a particular wardrobe you will be able to enter into a magical world where animals speak and a Lion named Aslan can sacrifice his llife in the name of magic and will return because of the deeper magic. I beleive a child can dream and they will enter into magical places and leave the evils of the world behind. I believe a man who is despised and shunned in this world because he is a leper can enter into The Land and be the most powerful person in that world and have adventures that blazen into your mind. I believe that anything is possible even the impossible. I believe that people from two different worlds that may have been connected in another will meet again in this one and a miracle will be born.So Happy Birthday to my special Friend even if it is after midnight where I am. It may be tomorrow where they are or stil yesterday, As I said moments ago, anything is possible, even the impossible. I really hope my friend had the best burthday ever. 😉 I hope they feel my love and that I care a great deal for them. Do you think they do?


        • Your words are ressuring that my message has reached in and touched her heart with the joyfulness that I had intended. Words and feelings have to be so delicate for them to hold together the meaning that are in my intentions. Innocence is at the center of my communications, And the power of love is contained in all its purity. All of this is to assure and to reassure her that she is loved unconditionally and continually through imaginations’ depth, the love goes beyond all realities possibilities. This is what I wish to say to her if she were here to receive this message. I hope she knows all of this. I would do anything for her to be sure that her life is filled with joy and happiness and that when sadness ever came, I would want to be there to comfort her in anyway that I could. That is what pure love is in a deep freindship, to give unselfishly, to care so much, that I would want to give her everything that she would ever need any time, day or night. I hope she reads these words and realizes just how special she is to me. She is a miracle to me.


            • I want to reach in and make her soul feel all the possibilities that are ahead of her. That life has ways of slowing down its rewards but eventually they find the correct time and place to reveal the surprise. To make dreams come true to someone so deserving and my friend is more than deserving. What she does and has done for others merits a great deal of consideration for promise and a wish to be granted. It is only out of generosity that I wish this for my friend. She doesn’t act in order for a reward, she gives because she is generous beyond any necessary generosity. Her gifts that come from inside of her need to have full recognition for how healing they are and for how healing she has been for the many of humankind she has touched with her special abilities to bring goodness into so many lives. It is time for her turn to be given a special gift. I make this wish for her from a pure heart who wants my friend to know she is loved beyond any love that is real or imagined. jennifer ~the secret keeper~


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