Poem For Love

Poem For Love
By Jennifer Kiley
8.9.12 @5:30am

atistic freedom

Poem For Love

Have I lost control?
Said too much?
Did I make you
Want to flee?

The feelings
You might leave,
Would explode
Inside of me.

The powerful
They called
For us to come?

The mystery wanted us
To come together,
To challenge
All our meaning.

What is it
We must achieve
To appease
The Spirits?

There is
A great feat
Before us.
An unspoken,
Unrevealed direction.

First I must make it
Past this destruction
Inside my soul.

That wants
To deflect
All good
From touching me.

The threat,
Is taking you
From me.
Compelling you
To walk away.

I am not
To bear
The thought
Of losing you.

Break me?
It would
Destroy me.

Why is there doubt
Inside of me?
I know what
You feel
For me?

No reasons
Come from you.
Your actions
Are Pure.

Is it not equal,
In measure,
To what I
Feel for you?

The doubt
Must be released,
To set me free
To be loved.

The chaos
In my thoughts
Need to be
Made calm.

You’re Still You-Josh Groban

I have contributed a poem to the Anthology for the Song of Sahel. It is titled: “do i know what hunger is?” My answer would be, not in any way close to what the children and people of Sahel have experienced and continue to experience. The starvation and the soil that will not grow the crops they need to eat in order to survive. They need our help and they need it now.

Plum Tree Books

SPECIAL ATTENTION: Song of Sahel SOS Click to Learn More

Children cannot eat words; blinded by starvation, they cannot see pictures. Yet, we are calling on artists, poets, writers and photographers to join us in a Song Of Sahel. by Dr. Niamh Clune


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