Pure Love

Pure Love
By Jennifer Kiley

Pure Love is the most powerful and enduring feeling ever experienced. It plays a role, either in its presence or its absence, in the development and flourishing of every life from birth to death. It is the most essential way of caring for another that is at the center of all love. It is a honest concern in the life of another, and sharing in their joy and sadness. Pure love is in our nature as is being being a universal and spiritual being and to want to connect to another’s life, just as they connect to yours.

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Carter Smile Takes Computer Lessons in HTML

my inner spirit child

You May Be a Fantasy
By Jennifer Kiley
March 3rd, 2012

You may be a fantasy
But you are my fantasy.

When I am near you,
You knock me over.

The Strength of your love
Overwhelms the inside of me.

Yet we have never joined together.
This is strictly in my mind.

My psychic connection to you
Is more powerful than the sun.

You radiate energy that would
Overheat even the hottest flames.

Touch my heart.
Heal me.

Take my hand.
Let me feel you.

Smile and breathe in my soul
And the energy will flow.

You may never live in my world.
But your essence lives in my heart.

The pain blends with the love
Creating an inspirational awakening.

Stay with me
Though I may not have you.

Love me
Though we may not be lovers

I just need you.
Just need me a little.

And only for one moment.
I want you to be mine.

I have contributed a poem to the Anthology for the Song of Sahel. It is titled: “do i know what hunger is?” My answer would be, not in any way close to what the children and people of Sahel have experienced and continue to experience. The starvation and the soil that will not grow the crops they need to eat in order to survive. They need our help and they need it now.

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SPECIAL ATTENTION: Song of Sahel SOS Click to Learn More

Children cannot eat words; blinded by starvation, they cannot see pictures. Yet, we are calling on artists, poets, writers and photographers to join us in a Song Of Sahel. by Dr. Niamh Clune


11 thoughts on “Pure Love

    • I am in love with love. The power from love could ignite the whole world if all people would just open up their hearts. My passion can be quite intense. When I wrote that poem I believe the feelings were for someone I missed very much and the pain in my heart was extremely severe from losing them. Longing can create such sweet pain, which exists from feeling loss but even though it hurts inside, I wouldn’t give it up for anything in this world or the next.

      I love my animals and Carter brings out such a wonderful feeling of caring and I just want to hug him forever.

      And when I fall in love expect poems professing all that is within my heart that I feel for you. I am not shy when it comes to the written word. It’s in person that I feel I need to hide from my desires.

      You have such a way with words that strike at the center of the matter.


      • How much do I love you? To the moon and beyond; to the infinite point of far-distant, pin-pricked light no bigger than a pin. This is the nature of love infinite…from the smallest to the greatest, from human heart to cosmic soul; for you, sweetest friend, a love containing All.


        • Your generous language touches my soul and frees her to soar higher than the stars, out into and beyond the infinity of space and this universe. Our Love cannot be contained, it must be set free to caress the open heart to receive her grace. From the finite nano to the grandest ocean wave, within the power of all spirits that surround us, there is protection by feeling the love. It is a shield against all darkness that tries to infiltrate the barriers. It prevents any intrution upon our spirits my friend. You are safe and guarded by all things special in our world. so speaks the occult guardian.


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