Something That I Needed to Hear

The point M. Mennah is put forth quite well. This is a message that needs spreading around. M. Mennah has some genuine insight in this post. It is why I felt the need to reblog. I wanted to be part of spreading this message. Thank You. by Jennifer Kiley
Song of Sahel SOS

Children cannot eat words; blinded by starvation, they cannot see pictures. Yet, we are calling on artists, poets, writers and photographers to join us in a Song Of Sahel. created by Niamh Clune

Prayers of a dreamer.

Something that I needed to hear.

Honestly, there were days I wish I was someone else.Someone who gets whatever he wants or that someone who writes like a genius or probably as smart as that other someone. But it only got on my nerves cause it was pointless.I got so blinded by what I wanted that I didn’t see what was there right in front of me. Even though my life isn’t the definition of perfect and I know that no one’s life carries that definition as well yet I should make the best of what I have; and if I needed something then I should go get it instead of complaining. Writing this down is such a relief that I am starting to feel a little happy after a tedious day !

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