Interview with Niamh Clune: The Coming of the Feminine Christ

The book “The Coming of the Feminine Christ” is a book for all times. And the interview with Niamh Clune gives a vulnerable look inside the author. Her writing and her living is inspirational. I am reading two other books that Niamh Clune has written and published through her publishing at Plum Tree Books. One is “Orange Petals in a Storm” about the imagination of Skyla McFee and how that saves her life from being crushed by the events and people in her life. The other book is “Every Child Is Entitled to Innocence” a collection of inspiring and courageous stories of childhoods with good memories and those with a beginning in their lives that were harmful and a sad way to start out one’s life lacking the nurturing one needs to have a good foundation in which to build one’s life. The Interview with Niamh Clune is brilliant and gives you an in depth look into the mind and heart of a generous, creative and deeply loving woman, author, musician, artist and so much more. Do take the time to read the interview on the blog site called “Passionfind with Tonia Marie Harris.” It is well worth your time to have a view into the insight of a brilliant woman who sees what the world has set before it and a deep look inside the mind and heart of the author of “The Coming of the Feminine Christ,” Niamh Clune. —
by Jennifer Kiley

Song of Sahel SOS

Children cannot eat words; blinded by starvation, they cannot see pictures. Yet, we are calling on artists, poets, writers and photographers to join us in a Song Of Sahel. created by Niamh Clune

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