life of pi

life of pi
directed by ang lee

life of pi-official trailer[HD]

a boy named pi and a bengal tiger out at sea, in a storm, ship they are on sinks, all that is left is a life boat. pi managed to make it onto the boat. still out at sea, finally the storm has stopped. pi thought he was all alone until he looked under the tarp. with a growl and a surprise look of terror possibly on pi’s face, there is the enormous bengal tiger sharing the rather small lifeboat with pi. and the bengal tiger doesn’t appear to be that happy and i am sure pi isn’t that thrilled himself.

ang lee directs this awe inspiring film that is adapted from the best selling novel. coming to theatres ths november. when all you’ve ever known is lost what do you do? from the trailer this film looks amazing and what starts out as a fearful avoidance of a young man and a bengal tiger may just turn into the friendship that neither one would have expected. by jennifer kiley ************************************************************************************

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12 thoughts on “life of pi

    • doesn’t it just look like it’s going to be the friendship of the year. there is someone in my life who absolutely adores tigers. i can’t wait to tell her about this one. the bengal tiger looks so real in those shots on the boat and ship. you are right we are thankful for CGI. can’t wait to see it.


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