continuing twilight saga via imdb

continuing twilight saga via imdb
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i’m feeling for all parties caught up in this twilight saga out in the real world. there is disappointment on all sides and people have been hurt. kristen stewart and robert pattinson are young and hopefully they will work out between themselves what they need to do to heal from whatever is really going on. we only hear the gossip and inuendos. i feel for those who are extremely upset by what is transpiring but there is a need to get perspective. everyone screwed up someplace. it takes everyone to make a mess in relationships. if someone told you differently then they are lying. no one is totally innocent. we don’t know the people involved. we just are fed how the tabloids and the media want to spin it. let them all go to their respective corners and heal and stop blaming people for living their lives as honestly and not so perfectly as they are able. jmho. ~the secret keeper~

and now for the forum drama that got yanked off of imdb. how fortuitous was i to copy and paste it before they deleted any evidence of this exchange of what ever you want to call it. ~the secret keeper~ ps. an interested party. let the games begin and don’t think for a minute i don’t take this exchange seriously.
Title of the forum section: I Wish That Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Had Been In the Theater

original comment:

I wish that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson had been in the theater…in Aurora. Then we wouldn’t have to hear any blubbering from these ugly, fat Twilight fans who’s hearts are supposedly broken… by original poster 1 day ago (Thu Jul 26 2012 13:04:22)

Nah, the shooting should have taken place during this movie. What we do in life echos in eternity
by sidekick 22 hours ago (Thu Jul 26 2012 14:10:18)

You are both sick individuals…not a joking matter.
by compassionate commentor #1 22 hours ago (Thu Jul 26 2012 15:08:11)

i’m not sick. And remember one’s insanity is measured by their genius.
What we do in life echos in eternity by sidekick #1 4 hours ago (Fri Jul 27 2012 08:41:43)

Your genius is slipping.
The quote is…

“The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success.”
Bruce Feirstein

Considering your unsuccessful attempt at humor here… I’ll let you do the math. *HINT* Mentally well people do not wish death upon others. by compassionate commenter #2 4 hours ago (Fri Jul 27 2012 08:57:53)

The internet – destroying much needed social skills one youth at a time.

comment by the secret keeper (Thu Jul 26 2012 16:54:04)

whatever is going on between kristen stewart and robert pattinson is for them to work out. but to be so insensitive as to wish they had been in the aurora theatre during the shooting spree is a bloody awful thing to say. as far as the broken hearted fans go, they have an investment in the fantasy of twilight and they wanted that fantasy to carry over into a real life relationship, which it had for some time. so give them a break. does anybody remember the beatles and what about justin beiber. everyone has their fantasies so your calling them abusive names makes you look like a real heartless jerk. so what, you have no imagination where you can enjoy the world of fiction.

Who says that I don’t enjoy fiction? I don’t see why you would infer that from what I wrote. It seems like you’re implying that Twilight is the ultimate example of fiction, and if I don’t enjoy it, then clearly I’m a dullard.

Anyway, I have no misgivings about what I said here. 70 people who were attempting to enjoy a piece of fiction (a highly anticipated piece of fiction btw; much more so than Twilight), and they were viciously attacked. Twelve of them are now DEAD. Where are the YouTube videos from people who are upset over that? I haven’t seen any. And you call me insensitive?

People are pathetic in their priorities…by original poster 19 hours ago (Thu Jul 26 2012 18:18:57)

“Where are the YouTube videos from people who are upset over that? I haven’t seen any.” said in above comment by the original poster.

Then you haven’t searched youtube. I just did and got over 13,000 hits. All 13,000 may not be exactly what you’re looking for, but there’s plenty in the first couple pages to keep you busy.

And you call me insensitive? remark by original poster


Wishing death on anyone – popular, famous, disliked, rich, poor, unattractive, awkward… It doesn’t matter who – It’s insensitive and insulting to those who did lose their lives, and to their loved ones feeling their loss. by compassionate commentor #2 18 hours ago (Thu Jul 26 2012 18:50:37)

The internet – destroying much needed social skills one youth at a time.

taken from part of my earlier comment: “they have an investment in the fantasy of twilight and they wanted that fantasy to carry over into a real life relationship”

lol, that’s pretty pathetic by sidekick #2 6 hours ago (Fri Jul 27 2012 07:11:42)

repeated the above section from my comment

It’s EXTREMELY pathetic. The “hero” that they’ve all become so invested in turned out to be a slut, and now they’re heart-broken? Get a f#cking life…by original poster 1 hour ago (Fri Jul 27 2012 12:19:59)

next three comments are from the secret keeper
kristen stewart is not a slut. you have one of the most insensitive attitudes about people and life.
43 minutes ago ~the secret keeper~ (Fri Jul 27 2012 12:48:02)

have you never felt passionate about anything in your life? that is pathetic. what a dismal life you lead. ~the secret keeper~ (48 minutes ago (Fri Jul 27 2012 12:45:49)

wanting people to have a good life and their relationship to work is quite the opposite of pathetic. attitudes like yours are what would be defined as pathetic.

and twilight being good fiction or not is not the point. wanting real people to die in something so tragic as the aurora theatre killings is beyond insenitive, it is unfeeling, uncaring, inconsiderate, callous, indifferent and tactless.

as to The Dark Knight Rises, it is just a film. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are real people who are hurting right now and deserve some compassion. and their fans are rightfully upset because the media is blowing all their lives out of proportion to what actually is occuring in their lives.

and your life, how real is that, that you treat other people so callously. were you brought up by hienas? ~the secret keeper~ (35 minutes ago (Fri Jul 27 2012 13:00:59)
it appears that imdb decided this discussion was not appropriate for there forum. i agree that the subject originally as it was presented was offensive and the two persons needed to be called out on their total inppropriate comments. i could not just let it pass. however, i do have on this page the complete deleted posts, unless others were added after my last comment. ~the secret keeper~

6 thoughts on “continuing twilight saga via imdb

  1. WOW! I cannot believe that people would be so heartless to say something like that. It just shows how far removed people are from caring for others…even if they do not know them. It is truly horrific that they even made such comments.


    • I just could not let them say such things without doing something about it. I had to make it into a joke. No way do I want ot take these misogynistic cavemen and cavewomen seriously. To compare women’s health care rights to Sept. 11 th and Pearl Harbor. What the hell are they smoking in Washington. And calling Health Care and infringement on Religious Freedom. In what universe? They are just way out there in the deep end of madness. And I am not talking about the real kind. Because these people have no conception of what is real.

      ps. I got your letter. It was great. I was exhausted yesterday. Will write back on Friday or overnight into Saturday. You really do help with your insights. But I will leave the rest for the email. Thanks.


      • LOL, they really are off the deep end. It is really sad that they feel so strongly, so negatively, when this world has real issues they could put their passion into. Then again, they sound extreme and extremists are dangerous.


    • You probalby think I am crazy by that last comment. I thought you were writing about the crazy people in Washington objecting to women getting health care. You actually are talking about those idiots that thought Kristen and Robert should have been in the Theatre. Aren’t you. Oops. When I read the insensitve jerks comments I saw RED. and so did some other people thank goodness. After IMDB pulled/deleted the posts which I had already copied and pasted onto my blog edit post. I thought later, why if these jerks hated Twilight so much and could call Kristen that foul word, what the hell were they doing on a Twilight movie Forum for Breaking Dawn Pt 2.? I was there because I wanted to get some information about the film. I happen to like Twilight even if it isn’t the best films in the world but I have a thing/crush on Robert Pattinson and I also like Kristen Stewart. By the way, the two of them are talking again. So, there is always hope for their relationship. How could anyone after such a tragedy as Aurora make light of it in such a manner. It really ticked me off. That’s what I think about that. And it is horrific.


      • Exactly… they had to be there just to stir up problems and be jerks. Otherwise, why be checking out the movie info. I like the movies as well and I am excited for the next one. This series has been a part of my life since 2009 now. LOL.I won’t lie… I love it. 🙂


        • Me,too. Twilight has been part of my life ever since my former therapist and present therapist and a lost friend (who died suddenly so young-in her 30s) use to talk about it before an after our group therapy sessions. They actually got me into the series. I was/am for Team Edward. That was always part of the discussion. Team Jacob, I always forget which one was on his team. How can you not be for Robert Pattinson. They all read the books. I must say I am bad about that on the Twilight Books and the Harry Potter Books. Every Christmas or Birthday of my s/o, I woul give her as a present something Harry Potter related, book or film. This year for her birthday I gave her the book of J.K Rowling’s new not Harry Potter fictional novel. It won’t arrive on her Kindle until Sept. 17th, 2012, the date of its release. She had totally forgotten about it when I said that she still had one more birthday present to arrive. This year we decided to do presents off the dates of our birthdays. It actually was more fun, then you never knew when you would receive a present. I loved mine. My s/o told me she spent more on my pesents then ever, that should last for 10 years of present giving.

          Anyway, she’s not really into Twilight. She tends to make fun of my addiction. I don’t get it because she is really into Vampires and a Interview With a Vampire fan. She loved those Anne Rice books and that film. That was something that I use to give her as present in the distant past, all the hardcover copies of Anne Rice’s Vampire Saga. She didn’t really get into the books that followed even though I gave her a few of them. So I stopped. We actually, the two of us, stood in a line to meet Anne Rice and have her sign a copy of one of her Vampire Books. For some reason I can’t recall which one it was. Anne Rice was so cool to meet. I follow her on Facebook. She refers to her followers as The People of the Page. That is so cool. She really gets involved in so many issues and amusements.

          Well, it’s almost time for my meds and breakfast. It’s about 4:22pm. I stayed up until after 7am trying to catch up on some of my writing, answering comments.and all sorts of other things that I am involved, including the Olympics.

          Still want to answer your letter tonight. Hope all is going well with you. When you mentioned going to the movies at a theatre, it has been a long time, but there is a new film coming out in November, “Life of Pi”, that I really would like to see on the big screen. The story is amazing. Check out, if you haven’t already. my post on “Life of Pi.” I posted the trailer, which I have watched over and over again. It is so cool. Also, looking forward to seeing Twilight Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 – that looks extreme. So that is something we are both excited about seeing. Bye for now.


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