The Power of Vulnerability

The Power of Vulnerability
TED Talk with Brene Brown

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everything you feel
by jennifer kiley
revised july 25th, 2012

everything you feel,
that’s your world,
made only of love.

nothing else matters.
why can’t you see?
she’s right next to you.

sometimes it’s hard to love,
to feel free to love.
just knowing what love is.

you want to love.
you’ve even found love.
but loving her, it isn’t easy.

she is quite special.
and deep in your heart,
you know her love is real.

the problem is you’re scared.
the feelings’ real for you.
it makes you want to run.

take a long, deep breath.
look deep inside your heart.
it’s not going to break this time.

Brene Brown-The Power of Vulnerability-TED Talk