no guns or weapons anywhere

no guns or weapons anywhere
by jennifer kiley

if this were real and dropped all over the world that would be the end of us. what is the difference between losing one life to all losing every life? stop guns and weapons that kill and don’t they all have the power to do just that – KILL. i don’t want to die. do you? end the violence-get rid of the weapons. they all can kill someone or something. don’t let it be you or someone you love. the violence must stop NOW!!!

We should abolish guns in this country the US. The writers of the Constitution did not mean for us to go around killing each other. The bearing arms amendment was meant for the purpose of taking care of our country if the government became a tyranny or was being overthrown by a hostile force. It was never meant to mean everyone should be armed so they could kill total strangers or anyone else.The police shouldn’t even be armed unless in an extreme situation. We need to learn in this country by example from other countries like England where their police do not even carry guns. If there are no guns then no one will be killed by bullets. Protecting yourself can be done in other ways. Being robbed is not worth losing your life. Let them have what they want and leave you alone. If it became impossible for anyone to have guns then death by gun would cease. The writers of the Constitution never meant for people to have guns so they could kill other people for whatever reason. To reemphasize, to bear arms was meant to protect this country from being turned into a tyranny or protected from being taken over by outside forces or even inside hostile forces. this is not a carte blanche for everyone to be armed and go around thinking they can kill anyone for any reason like protecting themselves. if you or the robber or trespasser do not have guns then no one dies from bullet wounds. so stop it everyone. no more hiding behind the words of the Constitution like hiding behind the Bible to explain away your reasons to be homophobes. So put the arms down and stop using the Constitution as a reason to have guns and the most outrageous super killers to be in anyone’s possession. Hunting is another matter but even there one does not need a super killer or a handgun to kill an innocent animal. Why not use a bow and arrow the way the Native Americans did. At least if you must kill innocent animals give them a fair chance. Guns are not necessary for any reason. They should be abolished all over the world. And other weapons that kill people should follow right behind them.

2 thoughts on “no guns or weapons anywhere

  1. We are talking about ideal situation ” No gun society”. This will never happen. The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and US here to throw them out weaponised our whole society and it has now come to point of no return. Go on line and see how much killing is going on. Drug + Gun is also a lethal combination. I failed to understand why your constitution allowed this privilege. Protection against whom. There are guns in middle east every where. Nothing the like of School killings ever happened anywhere. The Denver type incidents keep repeating itself again and again in US barring few else where including one in Sweden some time back.


    • yes, a total utopia, where all people work out their differences in a non-violent way. it is our nature to want justice when an injustice is brought against you. but that someone has to die or many have to die, just seems so unnecessary. war and killing with weapons and tyrannical governments being overthrown by the people has happened throughout history. and is happening now in syria and recently in egypt and libia(sp?). if gandhi hadn’t protested non-violently to get the british out of india they never would have left but. unfortunately before they left some not so well meaning british soldiers killed citizens of india but mostly it was through non-violent demonstrations. but you ae right, the world has gotten out of control. the drug cartels are ruling their countries with fear of death and some countries they kidnap people for ransoms. it seems to me that the world is quite a bit insane for violent resolutions. what are all these wmds good for. they will blow up the whole world. the planet might like that so it can reclimate and return to normalcy without polution and humans ruining the water supply. when i was a kid i could drink straight out of a stream without worry of getting some kind of toxin or parasite. now, who trusts anything we consume in our bodies. i am a dreamer and i like to imagine a better world for everyone. at least inside my head i can keep that dream alive whether it is possible or not.


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